[PARTY] Magic Bronson + Paris Carney (LIVE debut!) + 14kt @ The Spare Room 4/24

I’m so stoked for tomorrow’s night of live music at The Spare Room. Where do I even start? First off, its Paris Carney’s live debut so that is epic. Magic Bronson will be bringing the heat with their unique electronic indie rock. And spinning between sets in the amazing 14kt. This guy has been operating under the radar for too long but his recent Jaded Incorporated collaboration with longtime homie Mayer Hawthorne should be getting him the love he deserves.

Come out and give yourself the love YOU deserve! See you at The Spare Room.


Paris Carney – “Run And Hide (feat. D-WHY)”

I already posted on Paris’ track “It’s Always The Quiet Ones” but then this bouncy indie pop jam came out and kicked her up even a few more notches in my book. Girl fronted synth pop doesn’t usually evoke the term “swagger” but Paris’ confidence, laid back vocals, and the tripped out production, all point towards a bit of a dip in her step. Plus D-Why is working with some smooth moves himself. Nice all around.

Paris Carney – “It’s Always The Quiet Ones”

Paris Carney only has 2 songs out so far but her soulful voice and perfectly smooth production make me excited for what she has in store. She describes her sound as “if Ella Fitzgerald and Joni Mitchell had a baby raised by Andre 3000 + a laptop,”. Sounds good to me! Listen closely to “It’s Always The Quiet Ones” and you will heard the growl and groan of what sounds like wild animals. Yes please.