TWINKIDS – “Jigoku Tengoku” // Patrick Kramer

“Jigoku Tengoku”, which means “hell or heaven” in Japanese, is a promise from one lover to another that he’ll follow them anywhere to be with them. Heaven and hell are also the two extremes he’s putting his partner through – “this time”, “believe me”, empty promises. TWINKIDS flesh out this track’s modern-yet-poetic narrative with care, placing coked-out rants and the 2AM texts between lines about amethyst loving and the closing refrain of the other half of this relationship, a powerful realization of “I keep making the same old mistake”.

Deft lyricism aside, “Jigoku Tengoku” is a massive pop tune, with gargantuan drums topped only by the snarling synth line in the closing chorus. The whole thing sounds massive, so crank up your stereo and mash that repeat button – this one will stick with you for a while.

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