Patrick Lite – “December” + Matt Simons – “Catch and Release” (Patrick Lite Remix)

Music for… people who have been waiting all week for Friday but before they can even think about socializing, or dancing, or even talking to any-damn-body, they need to chill F out before they FLIP! Enter Patrick Lite and his perfect last name (actually spelled Leijte)which tenderly eases the mind into gentler pastures that can sooth away the tension and get us ready to treat the weekend – and most importantly, ourselves – right.

Location: Netherlands

Future: Better blood pressure. More beautiful jams.

Fink – “Looking Too Closely” (Patrick Lite Remix)

Sounds like… that turtle is for a weird ride as his water around him falls away and he slowly floats up above the sea, his exposed body surprisingly calm as he rises above his home. Its a weird view from up there, but he is pretty cool with it. Its just been one of those weeks and he needs a little escape.

Location: Patrick Lite is from The Netherlands. I doubt the turtle is from there though.

Future: He will come down eventually. Don’t worry.