Penguin Prison – “Turn It Up” // Denis Terim

Penguin Prison is back again! Always good to hear new jams from this old school TBE stalwart. “Turn It Up” is moreso an urge rather than an appropriate title for the song.  With an upbeat pace and rhythmically infectious funk guitar-style chords, “Turn It Up” is a never-ending tubular water slide filled with pure joy.

Great Good Fine Ok – “Too Much To Handle” (Penguin Prison Remix)

Penguin Prison is finally back and it feels so good its almost too much to handle. If you make it through this full body flex of a remix then track down his latest album Lost In New York. I would post about it but now I’m too sweaty from dancing to this jam.  Read more

VÉRITÉ – “Weekend” (Penguin Prison Remix)

Music for… reliving your own hazy memories of the “Weekend” through Vérité’s sultry croon and Penguin Prison’s body moving grooves. Damn, its good to have PP back in action (see below as well). And I’m pretty stoked to hear more from Vérité as well.

Location: NYC. Both.

Future: Get into the Vérité’s Echo EP.

Viceroy – “The Life” Feat. Penguin Prison

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Remix Roundup Vol. 71 – THE RETURN! PART 1

I know, I know. It’s been too long. The Remix Roundups are back and I guarantee they will be more fun then ever. Here is Vol 71 for your weekend enjoyment and I already have Vol 72 coming together. Both of them are a kind of “house cleaning” of all the amazing remixes of 2013 that never got Roundup love. They will be followed by the Best Remixes of 2013 post. Thats a lot of music. Drink a lot of water and don’t forget to stretch.

Oh, and there are a few jams included in the ZIP below that aren’t on Soundcloud anymore so make sure you grab that…

[soundcloud id=’23474297′ format=’set’]

Get the ZIP

If the Jammer download page is not working with Facebook connect then please let me know in the comments below. There have been some problems and I want to get them sorted.

[REMIX] Ghost Beach – Too Young (Penguin Prison Remix)

Ghost Beach - Too Young (Penguin Prison Remix)oh oh oh, don’t you throw it away

“Too Young” has already become a bit of a modern classic around TBE HQ so its great to get a refreshed mix from the always on point Penguin Prison. Put both in this weekend’s party mix and slap anyone who objects when they come on back-to-back!

[PLAYLIST] The Best Party Songs of 2012


2012 was a fantastic year for party songs. It seems that music is having more fun than ever and I couldn’t be happier to share it with you all. We’ve all had some epic parties set to some epic party playlists and tonight is the night to top them all. (Or not, really. Nothing worse than NYE pressure.) So take a trip down the Read more

[REMIX] RAC – “Hollywood” ft. Penguin Prison (Escort Remix) & Escort – “Starlight” (RAC Remix)

with your high heels on, you kill the sun, i’m not your friend anymore

♫ RAC – Hollywood featuring Penguin Prison (Escort Remix)

Funky meets groovy? Groovy meets funky? However you want to package this pairing I’m gonna buy it. I’ve loved RAC forever. I’ve loved Escort since more recently. But now the two have traded remixes and created some jams that make me think they should work together more often.

♫ Escort – Starlight (RAC Remix)