Remix Roundup Vol. 14 – 12.10.09

Disco X Mas

It’s the holiday season and we all know that you are behind on your schoolwork/shopping/lovemaking/etc so let’s skip the niceties and get down to business.

Oh, and I cant be bothered to include those “[Original Post]” links that I am sure nobody actually used so for more on an artist just click on their tag link at the bottom of the post. Cool beans?*

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Remix Roundup Vol. 13 /// 11-20-09

Photo by Daniel GreeneIn my never ending quest to make these roundups leaner and meaner this post was supposed to be onl 8 songs deep. Then I started putting everything together and it was one “Oh, shit! What about….” after another. Anyway, here is another remix beast for your weekend pleasure. Some real jamaroonies in this batch so get pumped!

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PENGUIN PRISON is A pretty FUNNY THING to name your music

penguin prison

now i’m in love, the problem’s solved

♫ Penguin Prison – A Funny Thing

You may remember Penguin Prison from his simmering remix of “I Am Not A Robot” from a while back.  The New York based dude is finally on the scene with a quality jam of his own. He dropped “Animal Animal” a bit ago but despite a Mike Tyson reference the song is pretty spineless. (And naming it twice doesn’t make it half as good as the one named once.) I was kinda disappointed in Penguin Prison until I heard “A Funny Thing.” He really brings it on this one, bouncing you along his lamentations of love and loneliness with a bit of back-alley-hobo flair. Let’s hope he gets his business straight and keeps the quality jams coming. Some album art would be good too.

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