Crooked Colours – “Flow” // Tor Brandt

Appropriately enough, this song makes me think of the slow drip of water growing into a full, rushing river. Also appropriately, I tend to get swept up in the groove, only surfacing for air four-minutes-and-fifty-seconds later. Test your lung capacity with “Flow”.

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ANTONIO//PAUL – “Coloured Screens”

Do not let anything get in the way of your dreams. Seriously, I know it sounds cliche but if you fight for it, it will come. Not even a broken down car, a wild bear, or a heatwave that melts your core bodily functions should stop you from grinding after that passion project. Just fire up “Coloured Screens” and get a heavy dose of landscape dominating swagger to bring to the weekend. No matter what happens, future you will be thankful.  Read more

Crooked Colours – “Capricious”

Music for… for getting seriously crooked. These are some dark grooves weaving between twitchy beats and slightly disturbed vocals. A big middle finger to upbeat summer jams, perfect for welcoming the colder weather with open arms and weird spazzy dance.

Location: Perth, Australia

Future: Australian tour in October. Who wants to buy me a flight?

[MP3] Night Cruise – “Mah Body (Say My Wat)”

Australia’s Night Cruise clearly knows a thing or two about getting weird on the dance floor. This Ciara rework is built for after hours body work of all kinds. Get into it.

Back Back Forward Punch – “Emergency Bow Tie” (Sun City Remix)

Back Back Forward Punch - Emergency Bow Tie (Sun City Remix)

TBE favorites Sun City get all weird and twisted on Back Back Forward Punch’s “Emergency Bow Tie”. I don’t know the Aussie politics of a Perth band remixing a Melbourne band but I know it sure does sound good. #gettingalong