ROSEAU – “Light”

It has been a long time since I’ve heard new music from Kerry Leatham (her other other project in old school TBE favorite Peter & Kerry) but I’m so damn glad I stumbled across this release of hers from last year. More Kerry and/or Peter please!

[#20-1] The 60 Best Underrated Songs of the Past 6 Years (3000 Posts)

Well folks, this is it. The moment you have all been waiting for since I foolishly started this multipart post during SXSW. Make sure you have read Part 1 (60-41) and Part 2 (40-21) before diving into these jams. But without further ado, I present the top 20 Best Underrated Songs of the past 6 years. Listen to them closely and frequently. They deserve the love.  Read more

[PLAYLIST] The Best SONGS of 2012 – Part 2 (July-Dec)


Screw the Oscars! Now that the site is back up we can continue the (very late) Best of 2012 Awards!

So many great songs last year. The second 6 months of jams did more than stand up to the first. So many genres colliding in this list. Beautiful songs. Funny songs. Innovative songs. Simple songs. Dance songs. Rock songs. All songs that Read more

[LP] Peter and Kerry – LA TRIMOUILLE (w/ “Annie” + “Fifty In The $lot$”)


but all your sighing heavily and semi-silent mutterings are another guarantee that it’s too late to stop me

Peter & Kerry’s “Knees” is one of my favorite sad-sack breakup folk songs in recent years so it was a pleasant surprise to hear them pepping things up for the sonically fun yet still break-up-y “Split For The City.” The fun kept coming when months late I finally got my hands on their debut full length La Trimouille. The album takes the elements of “Knees” that made it so infectious and blends them with a variety of fun and quirky songs stylings and a dash of hip-hop delivery that all adds up to and endlessly pleasing album. Even though the lyrical content is often classically English and mopey I can’t help but Read more

[STREAM] Peter and Kerry – “Split For The City”

some of the time i dream that you’ve slipped through my fingers and abandoned me

I’ve posted Peter & Kerry’s “The Summer House Song” before but it’s their heartbreaking breakup song “Knees” that is their true classic. They’ve now come back around with this far more uplifting jam. Oh wait, thats just the beat. The lyrics are still about abandonment and heartbreak. Leave it up to the Brits to make such paranoid sorrow sound so fun and bouncy.

[EP] PETER AND KERRY make me yearn for THE SUMMER so i can get out of the HOUSE and sing this SONG on my KNEES

maybe sending just one x is my new goodbye for life text

♫ Peter and Kerry – The Summer House Song

I’m coming to realize that the xylophone may be the perfect winter instrument. There have a been a few jams using it brilliantly in the past few weeks and Peter and Kerry are no exception. Add on the loose handclaps and cozy vocals and this song is like a blanket, warm and comforting. “The Summer Song” is surprisingly not featured on P&K’s upcoming EP Clothes, Friends, Photos (March 21st), but it’s a good contrast to the heavier mood of EP highlight “Knees.” Nostalgia is replaced with heartbreak on this painful and delicate piano-led piece. The oooohhs and light percussion slide right under your my skin and seem to slow time as I feel the stark reality of the unfolding story.

Peter and Kerry – Knees

Peter and Kerry’s backstory is almost as compelling as their music. A chance meeting led to collaboration led to moving to London led to this EP. Sometimes it’s those tenuous chains of events that end up being so right it’s hard to imagine that they almost never happened. When songs like these are coupled with the rest of Clothes, Friends, Photos’s tale’s of youth and love it’s clear that this was definitely meant to happen. Cheers to the Universe for that.

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