Chester French are finally like C’mon!


you should never try to walk until you learn to crawl

Chester French – C’mon (On My Own)

Spin Magazine hyped Chester French as a band to watch this year and that their debut LP Love The Future would be “Out this spring.” That was in February…of 2008. Yeah, well a third of the way into 2009 and we finally have it. When a band gets that kind of hype and then take that damn long it’s always a dangerous game. Will CF live up to their signed by Pharell, Harvard graduate, Spin heads-up hype? Will the album be as good as “She Loves Everybody” and the other few long-leaked tracks? Will anyone even care anymore? Well, I care, but that’s what I do. I care about you, and I’m touched to say I care about Chester French. Love The Future is not perfect, but it definitely adds a few more excellent tracks to the CF canon. There is a little too much self-indulgent noodling but overall the album is redeemed by standouts like “C’mon,” “Bebe Buell,” “Beneath The Veil,” and “Neal.” And don’t forget the recently posted excellent RAC remix of “She Loves Everybody.”

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