Instupendo – “Play Palette” // Sam Friedman

Just when you think it’ll be you and instupendo’s watery keys for the entirety of the piece, rapid-fire drum loops ripple across the surface and smack you upside the head, like you just wandered into a current that’s going to take you wherever it wants you to go. But I trust whatever this Philly-based composer has in store for me.

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Sun Airway – “All In” // Max Berry

Cheers to finding the right song to ride an invisible horse into the sunset and then doing it again and again because invisible horses can be ridden forever.

“All In” is from the forthcoming Sun Airway album, Heraldic Black Cherry, that you can Kickstart on vinyl here.

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MARY LATTIMORE feeds my love FOR SCOTT KELLY and all others who have RETURNED TO EARTH from oh so high above

I can’t think of a better soundtrack to bring some serenity to the frantic mind of an astronaut re-entering the earth’s atmosphere for the first time. My stresses aren’t nearly that much but I’ll use this fantastic slice of peace to calm myself when needed.

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CRUISR don’t like to TAKE their time getting THAT party going

If you can’t sing along to Cruisr then you are broken and there is more room in the world for me to stand on things and belt along to “Take That”.

p.s. I think Cruisr should connect with this fellow Philadelphian for something

SONSTEP revels in the SWEET side of WIFE umm i mean LIFE…


Sonstep stays in step with things I step to. Its what he does.

Sonstep – “Mai Lai Wah”

Here is some sonic shade to shield your mind from the Winter elements. Curl up in the cocoon of Sonstep and peer out at the world as it swirls by at speeds you can’t quite comprehend. Close your eyes and let it all slow down to something more manageable.

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Son Little – “The River”

Get ready for some downright rowdy good times. With some whiskey in your blood and Son Little in your ears, there isn’t a damn thing this town can do to stop what you got cooking. If only you could trust that getaway driver… something not right about that guy…  Read more

CRUISR – “Throw Shade” + “Moving To Neptune”

Open wide, take a deep breath, tie your shoes, stretch those hamstrings, and do whatever else you do to prepare yourself because Cruisr just dropped a double dose of their signature indie singalong gold. It is no time to be a slouch! There are volume knobs to turn up! Air guitars to shred! Sweat to break! And ex-lovers to throw shade at! Read more