[FREE DOWNLOAD] The TBE 5 Year Anniversary Album

Well, its finally here! The full album download of The Burning Ear’s 5 Year Anniversary Album! A big thank to you all the bands that made such amazing jams for this project. It is a hug honor to have my name stamped on the cover of this but the real props go to the musicians. You all killed it!


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[PREMIERE-MP3] Pr0files – “Song for Zula” (Phosphorescent cover)

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Pr0files are the 2013 champs of making heartbreak sexy so when they told me they were covering “Song for Zula” for The Burning Ear 5 Year Anniversary AlbumI knew the results would be wonderful. The original gets a lot more haunting, dark, danceable. You can almost hear the fog.

Free Download (Connect with Facebook then click “Download”)

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The Happy Birthday TBE Album – With exclusive covers and remixes from Noah Hyde, Pr0files, Lincoln Jesser, Parade of Lights and more…

This is just a teaser to get you all as excited as I am. To celebrate the 5th birthday of The Burning Ear I’m putting together an album of exclusive remixes of covers of the best TBE jams of the past 5 years. Contributing artists like Pr0files, Noah Hyde, Lincoln Jesser, Y Luv, Wiley Webb, Memoryy, Germany Germany, and more will be remixing or covering songs by Miike Snow, Twin Shadow, Scavenger Hunt, Yeasayer, Phosphorescent, Rhye, Frank Ocean, and more.

The list goes one and makes my heart skip a beat every time I read it. And dont even get me started on heart skips when I LISTEN to these jams. Holy cow. You guys are in for a treat.

AND THEN, there is the epic album artwork above created by the amazing Meghan Ellie Smith. I’m basically a mess of excitement over here.

Stay tuned. The project rolls out next week….


Phosphorescent – “Song For Zula”

Phosphorescent - Song For Zula

but my heart is wild, and my bones are steel, and i could kill you with my bare hands if i was free

I saw many things at this year’s SXSW but most glaringly, I saw that I had no idea who Phosphorescent was. Everyone was talking about him. As soon as the first seconds of “Song For Zula” hit my ears I knew why. I’ve heard the rest of his new album Muchacho. A handful of times, even. And it is good. But this is it right here. The magic that lives in the base of your spine. That floats under your skin and can ignite your blood. I have been too wrapped up in those strings, that voice, that drum machine beat, to even find the name of behind the music. But that is fine. I can’t imagine he cares much about that. I certainly don’t.