[STREAM] Pinback – “Proceed to Memory”

and when the seasons get you down
 i’ll come running to tuck you in

  • Who: Rob Crow & Zach Smith
  • What: Anthemic midnight rock, like Systems Officer, Years Around The Sun
  • Where: San Diego, CA + Facebook
  • When: Buy new LP Information Retrieved on October 16th
  • Why: Not many bands out there making music like Rob & Zach. Their brand of stuttering beats and intricate guitars is blended so smoothly that their songs are always growers. Even loving “Proceed to Memory” at first listen has only gotten sweeter with each spin.


Systems officer

you’ve gotta make a move, the decision is up to you

♫ Systems Officer – Shape Shifter

Systems Officer a solo project from Pinback’s Zach Smith and if you ever dug Pinback then you will be down with this. Systems Officer put out an EP in 2004 but it wasn’t until this year that we got a full length. I have always had a soft spot for Pinback and this stuff is no different. Perhaps even more palatable as some of spastic energy of Pinback in pared down. I haven’t got my mitts on the full album but as soon as someone hooks me up I will let you know how it’s treating me, but I have a feeling it’s gonna be solid business. In the meantime, use this jam as your headphone-soundtrack for lurking in the night. It just has that feeling, right?

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