[REMIX] Rangleklods – “Clouds (Mooryc Remix)”

on our own we found the spot we fit

♫ Rangleklods – Clouds (Mooryc Remix)

Rangleklods’ “Young and Dumb” is one of the freshest songs of the year and now we have this fresh remix by Poland’s fresh Mooryc so the freshness is rivaled only by the funked out weirdo beats and grooves that pop and shift throughout this jam. [via]

[VIDEO] Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – “Child”

This beautiful video was made by Sharpe fans in Poland and showcases some stunning footage of the city where this website started. Awesome.

[VIDEO/REMIX] Brodka – “Varsovie” & “Dancing Shoes (Kamp! remix)”

lick the snow from my eyes, underneath the blue sky, all i need is my bike, wake me up in july

♫ Brodka – Dancing Shoes (Kamp! Remix)

  • Who: Monika Brodka
  • What: Indie dance pop, like Niki & The Dove, Catcall, Ladyhawke
  • Where: Warsaw, Poland + Facebook
  • When: The LAX EP is out now
  • Why: Don’t let Monika’s status as the 2004 winner of Polish Pop Idol (their American Idol) fool you, she is making music much more grooveable then any of our winners. “Varsovie” (below) is a slow building tribute to her adopted home city and the video is a beautiful portrait of the cultures at play in the capital city. Needless to say it makes me miss the city I started this website in. But that longing is replaced by moving when the Kamp! remix of “Dancing Shoes” hits my speakers.

[REMIX] Pati Yang – Wires & Sparks (Jagz Radio Edit)

close your eyes take a breath and hold still

♫ Pati Yang – Wires & Sparks (Jagz Radio Edit)

Pati Yang is one of Poland’s biggest exports and here her latest gets built into a proper bouncy party jam. Use it to pump you up for the rough transition into the workweek!

[MP3] Rebeka – “Stars”

what will you do with the songs you will make?

♫ Rebeka – Stars

  • Who: Iwona & Bartosz
  • What: Crisp electro soul, like Cookies, Saint Etienne
  • Where: Poznan, Poland + Facebook
  • When: Nothing concrete but they are signed to Discotexas.
  • Why: My connection to Poland runs deep as I have family there, started this website there, and lived there for 4 years, but I regular TBE readers will know that I didn’t find too many Polish bands to write about. Then Rebeka came a long a few weeks before I left and “Fail” let me know I may not have been looking hard enough. Their blend of diva soul and delicate electronic dance is the kind of blend that would have paired perfectly with a Warsaw summer night. Well whether I get to enjoy it in person or not, I’m just proud its happening in Poland.

[MP3] Paula & Karol – “Whole Again”

not much i can say to all the ones that travelled far but lost their way

♫ Paula & Karol – Whole Again

  • Who: Paula (girl), Karol (boy), & friends.
  • What: Symbiotic indie folk, like Peter & Kerry, Joseph & David, Belle & Sebastian
  • Where: Warsaw, Poland + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: 2nd LP Whole Again is out April 19th.
  • Why: As you may remember from almost exactly 1 year ago, Paula & Karol make soulful boy/girl indie folk as well as a mean cover of “Can I Kick It?” The last time I saw them live was in Warsaw, Poland. The next time will be today in Austin, Texas. Awesome. In the meantime they have been working away on their next LP Whole Again which will be perfect for lazy summer afternoon and mixtapes for new lovers. Start with “Whole Again.” Continue with it’s goofball video (Palac Kultury hat!). Finish at the TBE SXSW parties 3/14 at 3:30pm & 3/16 at 2:45pm.

[MP3] Rebeka – “Fail”

here we come alive with a crystal clear song in our ears

♫ Rebeka – Fail

Production that is both tight and crunchy, vocals that smuggle a sweetness into the mix, and a rhythm that is deceptively infectious, those are the elements that make up the incorrectly named “Fail.” Rebeka are a duo from TBE’s current Home-base of Poland so I am pretty stoked to be able to endorse their “experimental pop” sounds. As their Soundcloud will tell you, they don’t have much out yet, but I’ll take quality over quantity any day. And they certainly have that.

Artist links: Facebook / Soundcloud

[LP] D4D LOVE getting freaky like there IS no tomorrow. DANGEROUS funk ahead.

there is no reason to be good

♫ D4D – Love Is Dangerous

Before this album, D4D were known by their more straightforward name, Dick 4 Dick. A name like that, coupled with their colorfully oddball punk-ish rock has made them a staple in the Polish music scene. 2010 saw the shortening of their name, along with the release of the 4th LP, Who’s Afraid Of? Seeing as their motto is “change constantly” it’s not surprising that on this disc they shifted gears towards a more electro/dance vibe. There is still plenty of their signature grit and grime to grind on your ears, however they left us with one shiny, bubbly, super-funked out gem in the form of “Love Is Dangerous.” Tight horns, big beats, piano action, an endearing accent, and even some wobbly base for the dubheads! If this jam doesn’t have something you like then you need to reevaluate your Friday night trajectory. As for me, I’ll be doing my best impressions of the dance moves in the awesomely lo-fi throwback video (below). Get into this like woah. Read more