[MP3] Priory – “Weekend”

Sounds like… grabbing life by the balls, making memories, running hard, spinning fast, and having the Summer of your life. All in the name of ripping guitars, huge drums, and a youth fueled by hip-hop and sunshine.

Location: Portland, OR.

Future: A 2nd song, please.

[MP3] The Ecstatics – “Singapore” + “Float”

The Ecstatics

i don’t miss anyone

The Ecstatics are going to appropriately draw a lot of comparisons to Two Door Cinema Club but I’d have to give the Portland duo bonus points for the better name. “Singapore” holds back on their bubbling energy but with “Float”, both the song and video is overflowing with their raw joy at rocking out. I love feeling that a band is having a great time and that comes across loud and clear with The Ecstatics.  I’m really looking forward to where these guys go from here.

[MP3] Poindexter – “Helpless”

Poindexter - Forever

i can hear your heartbeat when you’re dancing next to me

♫ Poindexter – Helpless

  • Who: Andrew Rodriguez
  • What: Tropical summer pop, like Viceroy, Twinsy, St. Lucia
  • Where: Portland, Oregon + Facebook
  • When: The Forever EP is out now for free!
  • Why: Don’t talk about “Helpless.” Just listen. And move if you must (you must). Know that Poindexter is sitting on the kind of talent that is criminally under-appreciated at the moment. Perhaps even by himself! The rest of the Forever EP is fun, for sure, but nothing as magical as this three and a half minute brain cruise. And since it is a cruise, you’ll need a sunning playlist. Throw these remixes on there.

[MP3] Bootstraps – “FortyFive”

still don’t know where we come from

♫ Bootstraps – FortyFive

  • Who: Jordan, Nathan, David
  • What: Smokey folky rock, like Motopony, Professor Penguin, The Gaslight Anthem
  • Where: Portland, OR + Facebook
  • When: Buy their self-titled album now.
  • Why: Like a strong tide or a heavy fog, “FortyFive” lulls you in with a calm promise only to take you over over before you know anything has changed. Then its done and you want it again. And you should have it again. The song only gets better with each listen.

[LP/REMIX] Portugal The Man – IN THE MOUNTAIN IN THE CLOUD (w/ “So American” & “

he was born of all the mothers and the colors of our brothers and the love that we sent him

♫ Portugal The Man – So American

  • Who: John Gourley with Zachary, Noah, & Kyle.
  • What: Modern psych rock, like Baby Monster, Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground
  • Where: Portland, OR, via Wasilla, AK + Facebook
  • When: In The Mountain In The Cloud came out last year.
  • Why: Portugal The Man have been around for 6 albums (in 6 years!) and are continually underrated by people. Me included. I slept on this 2011 album for ages but have been recently been getting into it. I totally dug their last album American Ghetto but their weirdo psych sounds sometimes throw me and this one took a bit more massaging. “So American” is the solid first single but “Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now)”, “You Carried Us (Share With Me The Sun)”, and the repetitively titled “Share With Me The Sun” are my top 3. Get groovy.

♫ Portugal The Man – All My LIght (RZA Remix)

RZA is one dude who is actively not sleeping on Portugal The Man.

[MP3] Adventure Galley – “Weekend Lovers”

pace the distance of the wild, there’s so much i have to see

♫ Adventure Galley – Weekend Lovers

  • Who: David, Aaron, George, Jesse, Forrest and Brock
  • What: Raucous indie pop, like Wildlife, Bronze, Bear Hands
  • Where: Portland, OR + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: Full LP Anywhere That’s Wild is coming soon.
  • Why: Do I dance? Do I mosh? Do I roll the windows down and drive too fast? I guess all these options are fitting when the band is named Adventure Galley. All I know for sure is I’m gonna yell “Hey!” along with the singer every time.

[MP3] Jellyfish Brigade – “Sunflowers”

was in a hurry to grow but i been changing my mind and learning how to take it all in a day at a time

♫ Jellyfish Brigade – Sunflowers

Today is Thanksgiving and I can’t think of a better track to tie to the holiday than the groove-hop magic of “Sunflowers.” Portland’s Jellyfish Brigade are new to my ears and I am certainly thankful that I have heard them now. Reading the band’s story about the song shows another kind of thanks:

“Sunflowers” was created after a summer of running through the woods, jumping off of cliffs and bridges, lying with loved ones, starting fires, releasing our debut project Gills and a Helmet and growing vegetables.  Somewhere in the midst of all these happenings, we decided to write a couple songs about the fun we were having.

Thanks for summer, thanks for sun, thanks for friends, and thanks for fun. Thanks Jellyfish Brigade. Their debut EP Gills and a Helmet is out now at their Soundcloud.

Artist links: Facebook / Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Amazon

[MP3] Luck-One – “Sounds Of My City”

told him that’s not what i came for, and you should ride the train more

♫ Luck-One – Sounds Of My City

Somehow the whole world seems to sleeping on Luck-One and I don’t know why. I tipped off his track “More” last fall and now it looks like we are the first to get behind this city-repping summer jam that gets me in a good mood every time I hear it. Portland’s Luck-One sounds smoother and tighter than ever and I’m loving the old-school flavor and crisp lyrics. I feel like this is what people talk about when they praise early hip hop’s storytelling. Time to track down his debut, True Theory, which came out in March but, big surprise, nobody was talking about it. A damn shame. Cheer up with the simple yet fun video below. Read more