[LP/REMIX] Portugal The Man – IN THE MOUNTAIN IN THE CLOUD (w/ “So American” & “

he was born of all the mothers and the colors of our brothers and the love that we sent him

♫ Portugal The Man – So American

  • Who: John Gourley with Zachary, Noah, & Kyle.
  • What: Modern psych rock, like Baby Monster, Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground
  • Where: Portland, OR, via Wasilla, AK + Facebook
  • When: In The Mountain In The Cloud came out last year.
  • Why: Portugal The Man have been around for 6 albums (in 6 years!) and are continually underrated by people. Me included. I slept on this 2011 album for ages but have been recently been getting into it. I totally dug their last album American Ghetto but their weirdo psych sounds sometimes throw me and this one took a bit more massaging. “So American” is the solid first single but “Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now)”, “You Carried Us (Share With Me The Sun)”, and the repetitively titled “Share With Me The Sun” are my top 3. Get groovy.

♫ Portugal The Man – All My LIght (RZA Remix)

RZA is one dude who is actively not sleeping on Portugal The Man.

Dubstep Roundup Vol. 27 – 12.19.2011 [Adventure Club, Dada Life, Amy Kuney, ATB, and more…]

Roses are red, Violets are blue,

Bass is sweet, and if you fiend,

heres a solution, and its just for you…

Welcome to Dubstep Vol. 27

Let the night sweats end my fiending friends because below is a hot steaming pile of bass bombs

Attention: For those in the Seattle area- I’m throwing a huge party at The Tacoma Art Museum on New Years Eve.  You can find all the info you need HERE.  Warning:  Bass slaps in that face of yours will be frequent.  WORLD!!

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♫ Metric – Collect Call (Adventure Club Remix)

♫ Cherub – Love You Right (Cry Wolf Remix)

♫ Skrillex – Breathe ft. Krewella (Vocal Edit)

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Remix Roundup Vol. 52 – 9.20.2011 [Midnight Conspiracy, Edwin van Cleef, MEN, Hearts Revolution, and more…]

Welcome back.  I understand its Tuesday… In case you missed last week, I outlined my change in posting philosophy.  In fact we’re setting a new TBE record for the shortest time between Remix Roundups.  Thats right, you’re now apart of some very dramatic world history.  Go ahead and tell your friends about it.  Does this new philosophy always mean I will be posting this often?  Not always, but sometimes.  Also, check out the contest we’re running for tickets to live shows in your city (you’ve got options).

So, without further adieu, turn your speaker boxes up and jam the (F) out.  PEACE.

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♫ Two Door Cinema Club & Religion – What You Know (Religion Remix)

♫ Midnight Conspiracy – Discord (The Chaotic Good Remix)

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Brandon’s TBE Digest 24 – [7.6.2011] New Jams, Remixes, Mashups & Covers!

If you thought I died then that’s silly. I been here, just busy as all get out between work and then holidays and then the Open’er Festival. I’ve had this digest simmering for an extended minute now so cool kids take a chill pill if you are already up on these. Rock on folks and expect vol. 25 sooner than soon.

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♫ J. Cole – Work Out / Another smooth jam from J. Cole. I like this guy’s flavor.

♫ Portugal, The Man – Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now) / New Portugal! Not my favorite of their tracks but their stuff is generally on a different level anyway.

♫ Hercules & Love Affair – Painted Eyes (Radio Edit) / I’ve heard a few of the new Hercules tracks and while they are no “Blind” this one definitely has Read more

[MILESTONE] The Burning Ear’s 1000th post! A Celebration Mix!

Wow. Another mind-bending milestone in the TBE saga. 1000 is a big number but in the grand scheme of things it will only be the tip of the iceberg. Running this site for the past 28 months has been an honor and privilege and we all look forward to dropping more sweet jams for a long time to come. For now lets celebrate with a little mixtape I put together below. There is a theme in there somewhere…

There are some potential changes to the site underway but until I get a breather from work I won’t be able to think about any of that. I can say that today I will be retiring my tradition of post titles. There were a thing I started waaay back when and although they are sometimes fun I feel like a more straightforward title may be smoother for everyone involved. The Internet is confusing enough without me trying to “clever” with my post titles. Try to hold back the tears, I know. Anyway, to the music! Read more

PORTUGAL. THE MAN are better than THE DEAD, DOG.

yeah, we had ourselves a time

♫ Portugal. The Man – The Dead Dog

Portugal. The Man are from Alaska, based in Portland, serious about that punctuation, and are releasing their fifth album in as many years. They also play some of the best guitar based psych/indie/freak rock you can wrap your ears around. I have to admit up front that I haven’t heard all their albums, nor listened to the ones I have as much as I should, but since my buddy Ted is one of their biggest fans I decided to give their latest LP some real attention. I have been spinning American Ghetto (what a great cover) for a while now and was struggling with my take-it-or-leave-it feelings and trying to figure out what I want to say about the album. I kept waiting for some bright light to go off and signal something loud and clear. However, something else has happened in this process, I have grown really fond of the album. “The Dead Dog” (named after a local bar in their Alaska hometown) kicks things off on such a deep groove of drums and guitar noodling that the ensuing left-of-center jams were a bit off-putting to my more pop oriented ears. Repeated listens have made me realize that each pass through revealed a new favorite track. Like this one, American Ghetto‘s space-funk closer.

♫ Portugal. The Man – When The War Ends

The goodness doesn’t stop there. I could easily have included “1000 Years,” “The Pushers Party,” or any other track. But don’t listen to me, stream the whole album after the jump. Dim the lights, close your eyes, and start your love affair with these guys. I’d love to hear your thoughts, old and new fans alike. Ted?

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