POWERS – “Loved By You”

Because sometimes you just gotta put on some great tunes and sit around naked sending questionable texts to even more questionable flings. I know TBE faves Powers know what I mean here.   Read more

POWERS – “Beat Of My Drum”

Both hands on the wheel, gentlemen. Wouldn’t want those hairy knuckles veering you into uncharted territory and risking that pretty face. Best to admire from a distance and work on that one dance move you’ve peacocked with before. Works better than a yellow sports car anyway. She will notice, don’t worry. Practice to Powers “Beat of My Drum” and you will be fine.

Then bring those moved to The Echo tonight for Read more

The Knocks – “Classic” (featuring Powers)

Sounds like… exactly the kind of slinky Summertime funk we have come to love The Knocks for. Except now they have some sultry vocals (and visuals!) from Powers. I would totally support a full album of this collaboration.

Location: LA / NYC

Future: That full album? Yeah?