Pr0files – “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”

Pr0files – “Money” // Sean Mahan

Pr0file’s “Money” is a song to sink into over repeated listens, with everything from the lush pads to the self-conflicted lyrics offering more every time you hear it. I’m a strong proponent of melancholy summer songs, and this deserves a prime spot on any road trip playlists. Delve even deeper into Pr0file’s work with “Forgive” from VINYL MOON Volume 001: Orbiting.

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Pr0files – “Abuse U (Feel It)” + LIVE @ The Lyric on Friday 2/26

Time to wake your winterized heart from it’s emotional stupor and start feeling again. Pr0files have been working through their pain and its time you do too. They’ve got a full album (below) to show for it (finally)! What do you have? Put those tissues in the trash and pick out something sexy to wear because there is no crying at their show this Friday at The Lyric with RKCB. No crying at all! Not even during broken hearted revenge anthem “Abuse U”! You got it?

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Pr0files – “Like a Knife”

Another Vinyl Moon alum is back with a slow, sexy, mildly menacing vengeance. Hold your spot against the wall as the dance floor turns to molasses and you decide which one of these unsuspecting souls you are going to torment tonight before making them a killer bloody mary in the morning…  Read more

Pr0files – “Empty Hands”

He’s gone. Let him go. No more staring into memories of his melty eyes and rough hands. Turn that gaze to the horizon and those hands to the steering wheel. This one may need some heavy open-road therapy. But a few hours of unknown highways and cranked Pr0files later and you’ll be right as rain. Ready to pour down upon the next hapless soul, soaking him in a weight he will surely crumble under too. Oh well. Read more

Pr0files: The VINYL MOON Interview

When you have been running a blog as long I’ve been doing The Burning Ear you see a lot of bands come and go. Grab your ear and then give it right back as they drift along the various paths life sets up. If you are lucky, you get to catch these bands as they reform into new projects down the line. Tacking on the extra years of life experience and refined vision to create something even greater than before. And so it was with great joy when I first heard about a project that featured Danny from one of TBE’s favorite bands, Baby Monster. The new project was in major infancy but there was something very magical there. Well, you already know what I mean if you have heard Pr0files’ debut jam “Call Yourself A Lover”. And here we are. Years later and with a handful of fog-filled dance parties under my belt I’m proud to present a Pr0files jam on the first edition of Vinyl Moon. It was a long time certainty on my end. I’m just glad they said yes.

Vinyl Moon: Volume 1
Artist: Pr0files
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Pr0files – “I Know You Still Care”

Finally, this Pr0files live favorite is out for the whole world to hear and love (and fear) as much as I do. “I Know You Care” sounds like all your ex-girlfriends formed an indie synth band in the same abandoned warehouse where they have their séances. The lyrics are meant to prick at that part of brain they all know is true. In fact, we all know its true. Stop caring already! It only makes them stronger!  Read more

Pr0files – “Get it Up”

Sounds like… TBE faves Pr0files are still working through some heavy shit in their fog shocked studio. Let this song be a lesson about 2 things: 1? Don’t take no crap from nobody, just do you. 2) Stop reading this and turn that jam up! Oh oh oh oh!

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Future: “Get It Up” will be stuck in your head.