Melis – “Holding Hands” // Chloe Wise

In classic Melis form, “Holding Hands” becomes more complex the more you listen to it and notice its subtleties (the piano oscillations have a nearly subconscious effect, while the electronic influences on the song are hardly noticeable until the end).  Melis’ melancholy vocals are complimented perfectly by the all-encompassing backing indie rock band, making the perfect song for drinking tea by the windowsill in perpetual rain.

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Pink Gloves – “80s Girls”

Music for… drifting back to those younger years and remembering that first raw adolescent love. A simpler time when dating meant holding hands and not talking. Roller derbys and ice rinks. Arcades and malteds. Maybe it never quite happened that way, but thats the beauty of memory, you can color it how you like. And no better soundtrack to rewriting history then this dreamy synth pop slow jam.

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Future: There isn’t one. The 80s are over. The girls are women now. And all we have is music and memories.


IYES – “‘Til Infinity”

IYES (Pronounced “eyes”) are based in Prague but met at a dinner party in Brighton. They recorded music simply but it’s certainly not simple. The talent at play on their 3 songs on Soundcloud is immense. “Lighthouse” leans to The xx, “Glow” gets rowdier with a haunted circus vibe, and “Til Infinity” brings in the handclaps, confidence, and awesome boy/girl vocals. Fantastic.