Brandon’s TBE Digest 22 [4.10.2011] New Jams, Remixes, Mashups & Covers!

Watch out! ITS A BIG ONE! Bold is gold.

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♫ Jamaica – 1324 Jericho / New Jamaica track from their debut album I’ve yet to be inspired to listen to. Anyone heard it? This one is kinda basic but fun.

♫ Operator Please – Catapult / Australia’s Operator Please dropped a couple super-fun jams a few years back. Their latest has some spunk to it too.

♫ TV On The Radio – Caffeinated Consciousness / Well, it’s certainly no “Wolf Like Me.” New album is Read more

[MP3] PUNCHES fill this SLEEPLESS CITY with people FEELING just RIGHT

i mean i was ’til i found you

♫ Punches – Sleepless City (Snacky Tunes LIVE)

It’s a little embarrassing to say but even though Punches did that great Tokyo Police Club remix last year I never dug deeper into their sound. So what a pleasant surprise when I was listening to the free Snacky Tunes Vol. 1 compilation and this song pops up, instantly grabbing my ear and pulling me in to it’s soulful piano-n-handclaps breeze. Add on the crisp horns and throw-back percussion and it’s simply a stunning song. After playing on repeat a few times I had to dig deeper into these guys. Turns out the live version is an excellents rendition of the also fantastic original. I am not even sure which version I like best.

Punches – Sleepless City by punchesbk

Punches describe themselves as “late night disco” but I feel like that doesn’t do their music justice. There is so much more weight and heart coming through on these tracks.

♫ Punches – Feeling Right

First full single from the Sleepless City EP is “Feeling Right” and besides it’s great video it’s a monster of a funked up dance track all on it’s own. I can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on these Brooklynites for this long. What a dumb-ass. Good thing I can now dance away the pain. Head over to their Soundcloud for another free track “Let Go” as well as a handful of great remixes.

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Brandon’s TBE Digest 17 – 12.23.2010 [The Get Up Kids, Bon Iver, Tokyo Police Club, Local Natives, Lykke Li, Chromeo, …]

It’s Christmas time. I’m in a cabin in the woods. My stolen internet connection is worthless. My family is going through some stuff. I love you all but I’m just not able to give this post all the detailing that it deserves. I hope that you are too busy with your own holiday festivities to care and can just kick back and enjoy this collection of jams for the interesting mix that they are. Dive in and enjoy. I know I’ve been.

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♫ The Get Up Kids – Regent’s Court / It’s no “Mass Pike,” “Red Letter Day,” or “Hannah Hold On” but it’s good that that the boys are back in town.

♫ Estelle & John Legend – Shiny Suit pt.2 / They dropped a whole EP of free jams like Read more