[PREMIERE] Quiet Domino – “Mystery Cup”

It’s easy to slap a Thom Yorke comparison on any left-leaning electronic song with falsetto male vocals, but “Mystery Cup” is much more than another copycat track indebted to King Of Limbs. A unique skittering percussion loop keeps things active even at the most minimal moments, but manages to never interfere with Quiet Domino’s voice as it echoes and rolls down unseen hallways. The way he builds the song slowly around the melody hits paydirt in the middle of the track, when soft pads and added vocal layers bloom into every corner of the sonic space. Making a transition feel simultaneously huge and subtle is no easy feat, but “Mystery Cup” is a masterclass in these understated flourishes. Somewhere, Thom is nodding slowly in approval.

If you want to hear Quiet Domino turn up the funk (which obviously you do), dig into “Slo Mo” below.


Quiet Domino – “Metropelium” // David De La Mano

“Metropelium” oozes glossed-out psychedelia from another plane of existence. Luckily, that plane seems to share our penchant for swoopy synths and pleasant boom-bap stomps. Quiet Domino is your astral projectionist, all you’ve gotta do is come along for the ride.

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