RAFTER makes great music and apparently also needs PAPER

there is a man by the lake, he spends his days in shifty ways

♫ Rafter – Paper

Rafter is the real first name of San Diego’s Rafter Roberts and besides having a cooler first name than any of us, he also makes sweet jams. Rafter is on Sufjan Stevens’ Asthmatic Kitty label but his sound is much more groove-pop than indie-folk as he uses a slew of weird sounds to patch together oddly pleasing music. I had “Love Time Now Please” (below) on regular rotation a few years ago so it’s exciting to hear recent single “Paper” upping the ante. Rafter’s potty mouth contrasts with the song’s summery pop vibe but the end result is just as upbeat and infectious as ever. Just try not singing along to that “You motherfuckers!” in the chorus. Try! Rafter’s 4th LP, Animal Feelings, is out April 13th but there are plenty of free Rafter goodies being served up over at the Asthmatic Kitty website. (“Juicy” off of Sweaty Magic is everything it sounds like.)

♫ Rafter – Love Time Now Please

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