The 15 Best Cover Songs of 2011

Welcome to the end of the year. A time for reflection, for resolutions, for binge drinking, and for me telling you what was good in the TBE hood! Kicking things off are my 15 favorite covers spanning all genres and damn near all instruments. Guys! Girls! Guys singing girls’ songs! Girls singing guys’ songs! It’s mayhem! Strap in, rock on, and Read more

Brandon’s TBE Digest 31 – [12.11.2011] New Jams, Remixes, & Covers!

Artwork by Jacob Youngblood Ziegler

Brandon’s TBE Digest is a place where I gather up all the recent jams that are worth a listen (or 10) but don’t necessarily need their own post. Here you will find new tracks by known bands, remixes, covers, and even mashups if they are interesting. My favorites of the lot are in bold.

This may be the last Digest I do like this. I’d really like to take the time to give the best of these tracks the solo post they deserve. If anyone feels strongly about this news leave it in the comments below. Otherwise rock on Wayne and rock on Garth.

For more jams by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!


♫ Saint Motel – At Least I Have Nothing / New Saint Motel jam. I like. Lets get a full album out, guys!

♫ Arrange – Sun Showers / New Arrange track is as blissfully beautiful as you would expect but I still prefer hearing this guy in full albums. Getting lost in it.

♫ Gotye – Showdown Below My Sombrero / This instrumental bonus Read more

} TBE Digest 5 – 2.10.10 [Major Lazer, Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, The Knife, & more!]

With this roundup I wanted to kick things off with a couple of great/interesting covers before I get into the dregs of what’s been popping up around the interwebs lately. Remember, these are just my humble opinions and an effort to keep you all abreast of the musical happenings that I don’t cover in their own hyperbole-filled post. If I make a poopy on one of your favorite bands just try not to flip out. We all float in different boats, or whatever.

♫ Major Lazer – Halo / Major Lazer and Elephant Man pay their own special kind of tribute to the Grammy winner with this cover. Not sure if they changed the lyrics or not, kinda hard to understand that dude.

Read more

«Flashback« Rancid – Ruby Soho/Time Bomb

rancid_-_and_out_come_the_wolves_-_frontall i got is this blank stare and that don’t carry no clout at all

♫ Rancid – Ruby Soho / 1995

Looking at that artwork, 14 years after the fact, it’s kinda funny to think ow how important this alum was to me. The truth is that it’s one of the first to pop in my head when I think of albums to be stranded on a desert island with. But then again, I am pragmatic as hell and 19 tracks is nothing to scoff at. I’ve never been remotely “punk” in my life (let alone at 13) but something about this collection of raspy guitar anthems just got me. It’s no surprise that …And Out Come The Wolves is Rancid’s most successful album to date (finally going platinum after 9 years), as it perfectly straddled that punk angst with upbeat ska-tinged fun. “Ruby Soho” and “Time Bomb” (along with “Roots Radical”) were the albums three singles but the truth is that all 19 tracks are solid.

♫ Rancid – Time Bomb / 1995

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