Raveena – “If Only” // Amber Ma

Dreamy, poppy R&B doesn’t get much better than this. A little bit of funk, a little bit of soul, this song punches you in the feels, and then immediately hugs them and apologizes. The crooning vocals over the intoxicating beat makes this one ripe for revisits.

Get Raveena on vinyl with her beautiful song “You Give Me That” on Vinyl Moon: still. life.

raveena – “Spell” // Nigel Barker

This is the slow dance you never want to end, dripping with both the “rhythm” and also the “blues” aspects of R&B. Even if you’re just listening by yourself, you might want to light some candles for this one.

Get some Raveena on vinyl with her song “You Give Me That” on VINYL MOON Volume 012: still. life.

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Raveena – “Johnny It’s The Last Time” // Shoko Ishida

“The last time” is always easier said then done… except if you are talking about Raveena’s new jam which is easier played on repeat than stopped. Johnny, give her some space. We need some time with Raveena for a while.

Catch up with Raveena’s previous jams “Something’s Gotta Give” and “You Give Me That”.

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RAVEENA feels that SOMETHING’S going on and has GOTTA GIVE you a cure for it

Not sure I can listen to this jam too many times in a row in this heat. I don’t have enough windows to open!

Previously on TBE: Raveena

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[DEBUT] Raveena – “You Give Me That”

You know the rules. No horn section in the bedroom. Oh, but ok. When sing to me like that you know I can’t resist. Bring em in!  Read more