Hanging Valleys – “Fortaleza” // Rebecca Yanovskaya

Transcendent guitar work splatters like paint all over the dreamy, beautiful “Fortaleza.” Like a choir of angels welcoming you to your heavenly destination, there’s a sense of wonder, detachment, and bliss that conjures inside the listener. A contemplative look into the human mind, Hanging Valleys produced a top notch track that can go toe to toe with anything else I’ve heard this year.

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EMM – “Avalanche”

Drift along with the slightly haunting grooves of “Avalanche” and you may not full grasp what Emm means when she says she will refuse to break. Take a look at that single art below and its pretty clear she means business. Emm is tapping into some real experiences to turn them into gorgeous dark-pop. Get into it or get out of her way.  Read more