[LP] Regurgitator – SUPERHAPPYFUNTIMESFRIENDS (w/ “One Day” & “Punk Mum”)

she never listens to a word i say, party all night and work all day

♫ Regurgitator – One Day

  • Who: Quan, Ben, & Peter
  • What: PunkDubDanceIndieRock, like you threw darts at TBE and put the bands you hit in a blender.
  • Where: Brisbane / Melbourne / Sydney, Australia + Facebook
  • When: SuperHappyFuntimesFriends is out now at name-your-price for download OR even as a Playbutton!
  • Why: Regurgitator is clearly the name of a band that formed young (in 1994!) but judging by the pile of genres on SuperHappyFuntimesFriends it is quite accurate. This kind of genre hopping is what unhinged Gotye’s Making Mirrors and is generally a bad idea but somehow Regurgitator pull it off with flair. Fuzzy punk-ish jams like “One Day” and the excellent “Punk Mum” are my initial favorites cause thats what they do most (and best).

♫ Regurgitator – Punk Mum

Other jams morph through hip-hop (“All Fake Everything”) alt-rock (“Be Still My Noisy Mind”) instrumental electronica (“DMT 4 2”) and doo-wop garage sludge (“Devil Spell”). But in the end I’d say the one unifying factor is fun. And Brevity. (Only 4 of the 14 tracks are over 3 minutes. Nice!) What can I say, this LP does not have a misleading title.