The Pharcyde – “Runnin'” (Bit Funk Remix)

Bit Funk has been on a roll lately so we are pumped to share another fine remix of his. This time he forgoes current electronic trends for a throwback hip hop jam. Its a minimal affair but the result is so damn nice. A wise move to let the vocals shine here.

Chvrches – “The Mother We Share” (Moon Boots Remix)

Another fantastic jam get’s dialed back for a smooth operating remix. This crisper fall weather calls for something appropriately soothing. Like hot apple cider. Or mulled beer.

Also, the Chvrches album is stellar if you didn’t know already. get with it.

[MP3] Blackstreet – “No Diggity” (The Polish Ambassador Remix)

Fare Soldi gave us an epic remix of Blackstreet classic a while back but if you need to dial things back a bit then this Polish Ambassador flip is just the kind of laid back funk for you. Just the kind of Ambassador-ing I like to see for Poland!

Gentlemen Hall – “Sail Into The Sun” (RAC Mix)

RAC recently released his debut EP and I’ve been meaning to review that and tack on this overlooked remix to it. But it keeps coming on in m car and I keep enjoying it so much that it deserves its own post. So there. RAC at his remix finest. God to hear.

[REMIX] Ghost Beach – Too Young (Penguin Prison Remix)

Ghost Beach - Too Young (Penguin Prison Remix)oh oh oh, don’t you throw it away

“Too Young” has already become a bit of a modern classic around TBE HQ so its great to get a refreshed mix from the always on point Penguin Prison. Put both in this weekend’s party mix and slap anyone who objects when they come on back-to-back!

[MP3/REMIX] Mayer Hawthorne – “Henny & Gingerale” (Bakaboyz B-Mix)

artworks-000031315555-wolikj-t500x500 2

i’ve got my cup and i’m filling it up, i can’t get enough

Hayer Hawthorne has always been smooth. Sexy, even. But he isn’t always so danceable. Bakaboyz sort that right out on this funked up grover. That twisted horn line and bumpy beat are golden.

[REMIX] HAERTS – “Wings” (Wildcat! Wildcat! Remix)


i’ll never let the magic go, i’ll float away into your afterglow

OOhh yeah. Wildcat! Wildcat! need to remix more often! Haerts’ original is a jam but this is next level. Choppy, beautiful, and moving.

[REMIX] Chad Valley – “Up and Down” (Vince Clarke Remix)

Chad valley

feeling sun up and down

It’s the freakin’ weekend baby and its time to get loose! Vince Clark puts a sticky layer of funk of this Chad Valley jam and the result is summertime tasty! Crank those “ooo ooohs” along with me!