Retro Culture – “Heart Attack” // Tyrell Waiters

Unhappy relationships suck, but “Heart Attack” sounds like a bad romance in space. That’s gotta take some of the edge off, right? Because “Heart Attack” has enough groove in it’s pocket to power a rocketship. Oh well, one person’s heartache is another person’s disco jam.

Get more of Retro Culture’s sweet sadness by revisiting “Cold” from VINYL MOON Volume 012: Still. Life.

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Retro Culture – “Fading” // Fuco Ueda

For when you are not yourself and the only key to unlocking the lost you is in the music. Turn it up and let yourself out.

Be sure to check out Retro Culture’s epic “Cold” on Vinyl Moon Volume 012.

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RETRO CULTURE slowly pull on the THREAD of my concentration at work today…

I’d much rather wander around a weekend with Retro Culture than do whatever I’m doing here at this desk…

Previously on TBE: Retro Culture

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Retro Culture – “Cold”

Strap yourself in because this ride is a bumpy one (bassy?). Sure, grip the armrest if you need but please keep your eyes open. The view out the side window is one you wont forget. Don’t bother trying to take a picture. You’re seeing that with your ears.  Read more