Shallou x RKCB – “Slow” // Ana Maria

This is the what dreams are made of. Two TBE heavyweights collaborate on a track and it melts right through my speakers. I could definitely get down with a whole EP of jams like this.

Vinyl lover rejoice because both RKCB and Shallou were featured on Vinyl Moon! Volume 001 and 002 respectively. Drool as necessary.

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RKCB – “Lights Low”

Its a damn fine day for Vinyl Moon Volume 001 artists. The great music continues long after the record stops. Long after the lights have gone out. Long after you’ve decided whether RKCB are here to turn the lights on or tighten those ropes…  Read more

RKCB: The VINYL MOON Interview

For a band whose music is tailor made for nighttime activities it made sense that there wasn’t much revealed about them in the early days. No photos, no website, and no live show until pretty recently. For some bands that feels like a gimmick, but now that those things have emerged it is clear that Riley and Casey are simply all about the music. They weren’t going to put energy into anything that detracted from the songs. And it shows. Its been an honor to hear them evolve and reveal over this past year and I’m proud to present this Interview I recently had with them to celebrate the inclusion of “Baptize” on VINYL MOON Volume 1.

Vinyl Moon: Volume 001
Artist: RKCB
Track: “Baptize”  Read more

RKCB – “Daydreaming”

RKCB know that while most daydreams are casual and relaxing affairs, some can quickly turn to panic as you snap back to reality and realize the world of your mind is the one you would much rather be in. Luckily for us, their new jam “Daydreaming” is in this world so I’m all good to hang in this reality for a bit.  Read more

RKCB – “Ignite”

Whether you have been up on RKCB and their beautifully soulful indie grooves or not, you need to sit back and ride “Ignite” through all its curves. Especially the fantastic solo at 2:37. I think its a guitar at work but I can’t sure. And why question hands in the dark when they are doing al the right things?  Read more

MUNA – “So Special”

When you are a teenage girl just trying to live normal it can be hard to acknowledge the super powers brewing within you. You tell yourself you are not special. You force yourself to blend in. But then you hear a song in your head that triggers forces within you and the next thing you know you are commanding elemental forces you only just started learning about in school.  Read more

RKCB – “Comatose” + “Baptize”

Music for… skipping direct statements of love in favor of oblique, yet sexy, metaphors for your emotional connection. Listen to “Baptize” enough times in the after hours and you may just end up with a baptism fetish.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Future: Only 3 songs out so far. There had better be more soon.