Robyn Sherwell: The VINYL MOON Interview

My favorite Robyn Sherwell track is also the title track to her debut EP Islander. As Vinyl Moon members know, “Islander” is a fierce foot stomper of an anthem that takes stands up and demands attention. However, dive into the rest of Robyn’s catalog and you will uncover a much tenderer side. Songs like “Love Somebody” and “Tightropes” are gentle and soulful, drifting closer to indie-folk than rock anthem. But thats just what I love about Robyn. She has a lot to express and isn’t afraid to let it out in different ways. So whatever your gateway Robyn Sherwell song is, make sure you stick around for the full ride. Its a beautiful one.

Catch Robyn on tour and pick up her debut EP Islander which is out now. And read on for our Twitterview with her.

Vinyl Moon: Volume 1
Artist: Robyn Sherwell
Track: “Islander”

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Allman Brown – “Rivers” (feat. Robyn Sherwell)

Allman Brown together with Robyn Sherwell. Two of my favorite English voices together on one track and it is unsurprisingly stunning. And haunting. And beautiful. Let the song wash over you like an afternoon shade. Sheltering you from the heat of your thoughts, and bringing some calm to your soul.  Read more

Robyn Sherwell – “Islander” (Dan Villalobos Remix)

Fellow Briton Dan Villalobos flips Robyn Sherwell’s raucous foot stomper “Islander” into a chilled out and hung over foot shuffler. Perfect for sunsets, sunrises, and coctails with the word “sun” in them.

Robyn Sherwell - Islander (Dan Villalobos Remix)

Robyn Sherwell – “Islander”

Sounds like… the soundtrack I’d like to imagine I would have running through my head should I be stranded on a deserted island and building a thatch hut for survival. Big badass drums and Sherwell’s folk-punk vocals are perfect for getting in the coconut-cracking-zone. If Tom Hanks had Robyn Sherwell on an iPod instead of a Volleyball he would surely have kept a bit more of his sanity.

Location: London, UK

Future: I’ve got an iPod shuffle around here I’ll be loading up and adding to the airplane travel kit… And Robyn has a full (and fantastic) EP coming out Macrh 31.