Remix Roundup /// Vol. 4

Here at TBE I like to focus on new artists we are about to love and new tracks by artists we already love. BUT! Sometimes a remix comes along that just hast to be shared (danced to), and even more often a dozen remixes come along, hence the Remix Roundup. This week has some fantastic remixers (Designer Drugs, Don Diablo, Bloodshy & Avant, etc) remixing some TBE faves (La Roux, Basement Jaxx, Frankmusik, etc.). Crank the volume, clear the dance floor and download away!

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Röyksopp need to get Happy Up Here


it’s what i want that’s easy, it’s getting it that’s complicated

R̦yksopp РHappy Up Here

I had never really listened to Röyksopp before but all the blog buzz about Junior made them pretty hard to ignore. First single “Happy Up Here” kind of washed over me with a ‘meh’ feeling at first. Then I listened to it once walking down a sunny street and it appealed much more. It’s the perfect sunny day soundtrack, which is an odd contrast to the doomsday arcade vibe of the video you might have seen in the TBE TV box. Listening to the rest of the album I was left a little confused as to why these guys are so popular. I guess their brand of gloom-pop is just not really my thing. Though maybe that’s why they are so big in Europe. My other favorite on the album is “It’s What I want” which along with “Happy Up Here” are the only tracks under 4:30. This is pop guys, why the endless songs? Like you said, “All that I want is keeping it easy.”

Röyksopp – It’s What I Want

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