Happy 2nd Birthday to The Burning Ear! – A Shirt Pack Giveaway, Merch Sale & A Mixtape!

Happy 2nd Birthday to The Burning Ear!

Holy cow. It was exactly 2 years ago (!?) today that I launched The Burning Ear from the butt wedge of my old couch. Since then it’s been nothing but a pleasure to share all of these great jams with you guys and gals. To all you regular readers and commenters, I love you all and look forward to another two! However, we all know 2 years olds don’t have patience for speeches so lets get right to the presents! I’ve got three gifts for you all, of which the first TWO are based on the number 2! Read more

[LP] S. CAREY has an album even our MOTHERS could love

my soul, my soul cries for them in the morning, cause i’m guilty just the same

♫ S. Carey – Mothers

For those of you who prefer a calmer transition into your workweek I can recommend S Carey’s debut LP All We Grow. You should all have been getting misty eyed to the Bon Iver drummer’s “In The Dirt” for a while and now I can definitely endorse the rest of this delicately tense piano fueled collection. Nothing is as immediately gripping as “In The Dirt” but they still hold their own. “Mothers” is my favorite of the bunch with Carey’s intimate vocals and delicate guitar plucking. Writing too much on this album is pointless. Just close your eyes and drift away. You’ll end up somewhere interesting, I promise.

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S. CAREY is IN tune with THE summer desire to lay in the DIRT with a lover

don’t despair, don’t you dare

♫ S. Carey – In The Dirt

That beautiful album photo on the right is the cover to Sean Carey’s debut LP, All We Grow, which will be out in September. You have never heard of S. Carey before but you have definitely heard him. A long time buddy of Justin Vernon (and also hailing from Eau Claire, Wisconsin) he has been Bon Iver’s drummer ever since there was a full band to drum in. Carey is now setting out on his own for and the results are so far marvelous. I would be lying if I tried to pretend that it wasn’t similar to Bon Iver’s music. The layered floaty vocals, the drifting piano work, the general mood of longing and loss, all these things smack of his day job, however I am just fine with that. Let’s just call it “The Eau Claire Sound” and get on with basking in it’s beauty.

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