Saint Motel – “Cold Cold Man”

Music for… people who enjoy fun. I know I can’t frown with a Saint Motel song on. Its a good times dance party in my chair right now. But we all know the guy that we wont play this song for cause he wont like it cause he doesn’t like anything. What a grump. Why are we friends with him anyway? Saint Motel are better friends. Lets hang with them more often

Location: Los Angeles.

Future: Our eVites. Plus a new EP coming soon.

[LA EVENT] The Burning Ear @ The Spare Room Hollywood

If you are in Los Angeles this Thursday night then you know that the place to be is The Spare Room in Hollywood. This week I’ve got some great music lined up from TBE favorites and new comers. AJ Jackson from Saint Motel will be Djing sweet jams between sets. Nicky Blitz will be playing live and we will be hearing his latest killer song “Alex” which is awesome. And newcomer Jerome Holloway will be starting things off slow and soulful. Come out and hang with some great music and fantastic cocktails. And remember, its free!

Saint Motel (DJ)

Nicky Blitz

Jerome Holloway

The Burning Ear 5th Birthday Party // Feb 1 @ The Satellite // Bands – DJs – FUN


February marks the 5 year anniversary of The Burning Ear. 5 years ago I started this music blog with a mission to Read more

Saint Motel – “Get Free” (Major Lazer Cover)

For some reason I never really got into the Major Lazer original of “Get Free” but this Saint Motel version kicks up just enough jungle dust to get me moving. Damn. Where is my cocktail? Happy Friday!

Saint Motel – “My Type”

Saint Motel - My Type

Los Angeles’s Saint Motel is back with a new soul-infused horn jammer that is fun for the whole family. Now we just have to await another great video!

[VIDEO] Saint Motel – “Benny Goodman”

Yes! Talk about getting you in the mood for the weekend. Bonus fact! The dad is the guy from The Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy” video. Can we get both of them dancing in a video next time!?

The Burning Ear Presents: Saint Motel @ The El Rey in Los Angeles, Saturday July 14

♫ Saint Motel – Puzzle Pieces

Any regular reader of The Burning Ear should know Saint Motel and their infectious jams, stellar music videos, and ass kicking live shows. The Burning Ear couldn’t be prouder to be presenting 2 out of those 3 things next weekend at the beautiful El Rey theater in Los Angeles. Saint Motel releasing their debut album Voyeur by playing with fellow TBE alums Chasing Kings and Princeton so it’s sure to be a damn good show. Grab your tickets on the cheap here (you can even get the album+ticket bundle for a steal!) and then come for a night of rollicking fun! Also head here to grab their new single “Benny Goodman” for free!

Enter to WIN a pair of tickets here! 

[LIVE/MP3] Saint Motel @ The Hudson Block Party, May 20 + “1997”

well, it’s tough to love another, and it’s hard to find a friend friend, somebody else who has no others, somebody else who understands

♫ Saint Motel – 1997

Saint Motel play "1997" live

For lots of thought on Saint Motel go here. For lots of rock from Saint Motel go back to yesterday where they rocked The Hudson Block Party, winning over innocent bystanders and confirming that these guys have way more up their sleeves then a few singles. These 4 LA dudes are made of equal parts serious rock and equal parts goofball and it’s what makes their music so charming. Nobody is taking themselves too seriously and that acts as an silent invitation for wallflowers to groove. The twilight of an outdoor mini-festival is one thing but I’m now really looking forward to catching these guys in a more intimate and sweaty locale. How about The El Rey on July 14th? Good, see you there.

♫ Saint Motel – Puzzle Pieces (previously posted)

Upcoming shows:

Los Angeles, CA – The El Rey, July 14