Dubstep Roundup Vol. 13 – 3.25.2011 [BAND OF HORSES, THE BEATLES, NANCY SINATRA, WAKA FLOCKA and more… ]

Happy Friday to YOU world.  Its time for everyone to get the hell out of the office and get ready to dance with the devil, play with fire, shake brains with Mr. Yuck, say yeehaw to cowboys (that’s for you Jeff), pump fists with bros, get greasy with hipsters, and Nurd the hell out with Joel & Scott.

Welcome to Dubstep Roundup Vol. 13

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♫ Chase And Status ft. Delilah – Time (RIOT 87 Remix) / This song is a banger that will grind at all your senses.  Its like RIOT 87 smashed dubstep and rock into a garbage disposal and created gold.  Thank you RIOT 87.  MORE PLEASE.

♫ Hussle Club – Loose Tights (Flinch Remix) / 1.) The intro feels like your sunny day just might be in danger of some stormy weather.  2.) The calm before the storm….  3.) Don’t get sea sick because you’re in for a wavy ride.

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