Sam Frankl – “Patina” // Kimia Ferdowsi Kline

Sam Frankl is back with a groove that will drill into your soul and make itself right at home. His distinctive, soft, piercing vocals carve a path into “Patina” that is sure to be remembered. Vaguely tropical, intensely catchy, “Patina” should be on your most recent and/or future playlist, without a doubt.

Sam Frankl was featured on VINYL MOON Volume 027: Skyride

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Sam Frankl – “Gold Rush” // Fabrice Monteiro

Effective protest songs have to also be great songs on their own, and Sam Frankl’s latest is definitely that. Written about the gentrification of his London neighborhood, “Gold Rush” gives you a beat to march to, whether that cause is social justice or merely getting to work on time.

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Sam Frankl – “Macondo”

If you find Fall a confusing time because you aren’t sure whether its the end of Summer or beginning of Winter then let Sam Frankl here reach out his hand from the shadows and invite you to the darker side. He’s got some demon’s he would like to tell you about. Perhaps you’ve got some too. Share a drink and a chat and an prolonged stare into the corner of a candle lit room.  Read more