San Cisco Music – “RUN”

Music for… rubber limbs, slippery dance moves, and a weird feeling that makes me want to dance around naked. Not what I expected in a new jam from our favorite baby-faced Australians but hot damn I like it.

Location: Fremantle, Australia

Future: Probably a public indecency ticket. Then a new album?

[PLAYLIST] The Best SONGS of 2012 – Part 1 (Jan-June)

Lets not talk about the fact this year is already half over. Thats just insane. About as insane as the quality of jams that have been pumping through TBE HQ’s speakers these past 6 months. Here is the best of the best. Did I miss any? Did you miss any?

(Thanks to Vladimir Bobritskiy for the album art.)

25. My Great Ghost – Plain Sight / A pulsating, haunting, and thoroughly beautiful journey.

24. Purity Ring – Obedear / Slightly creepy. Very ominous. Highly Read more

The 25 Best MUSIC VIDEOS of 2011

Every once in a while I meet someone who casually mentions that music videos are dead and I’m always shocked. Music videos have never been more alive and vibrant than they are now in the age of video democracy online. This post is a celebration of the creative spirit that fights every day to set great songs to even better visuals. You guys are my heroes.

Watch the videos in a countdown stye playlist below or continue on to catch them embedded 1-by-1 with my woefully minimal commentary. 

Read more

[EP/VIDEO] San Cisco – AWKWARD EP (w/ “Awkward” & video)

i wouldn’t have gone to dinner if i knew that you’d agree with everything i say

♫ San Cisco – Awkward

  • Who: Jordi & Josh & Scarlett & Nick
  • What: Indie smile-bop, like Hooded Fang, The Lisps
  • Where: Freemantle, Australia + Facebook / Amazon
  • When: The Awkward EP is out Feb 7th.
  • Why: I already posted the adorable video below on Facebook and Twitter, thinking it a twee bit of new fun from a band I covered once. Then I got the mp3 and let the song sink in a few more times. Hot damn! When not dazzling me with it’s killer video, the song hold its own and more. I immediately got myself a copy of the EP and I am really pleasantly surprised. Previous San Cisco jam “Golden Revolver” is a good one, sure, but definitely didn’t leave me expecting this kind of quality coming from these young Aussies. Tracks like “Rocket Ship” bristle with youthful energy and sweet hooks while they show their delicate side on the more intimate “Reckless.” Hell, they even pull off an Arctic Monkeys cover (“505”). Plus, did I already mention the video is amazing? And Scarlett is a total babe.

San Cisco – “Awkward” from Cluster 1 on Vimeo.

[MP3] San Cisco – “Golden Revolver”

why would i try, when you’re not even remotely, remotely kind

♫ San Cisco – Golden Revolver

It’s too late and I’m too exhausted from delayed Wizz Air travel to do much more than sit back and sink into my chair as the sweet summery sounds of Australia’s San Cisco waft over my ears. These guys keep getting compared to Vampire Weekend but that sounds way off to me. San Cisco aren’t trying nearly as hard. I’d go with a more straightforward Local Natives than anything. Well anyway, while we are namedropping, they are gathering some traction in their native land, opening for both Kimbra and Owl Eyes recently.

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