Inspired & the Sleep – “First Time” // Art: Lisa Lloyd

“First Time” is a straight-forward song – light guitar chugs follow the constant bass and simple drum pattern – but the lack of complicated instrumentation leaves lots of space for the earnest voice and the big payoff of the chorus. It’s the rare pop song that feels familiar and new at the same time, which means you’ll be singing along by the second chorus. If you’re in the midst of a new romance, this should go on the first playlist you make for that lucky someone.

If you need more great songs for that playlist, we recommend Inspired & The Sleep’s “Sleeps Well On Knives” from VINYL MOON Volume 008: Seedshine.

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Michael Marino – “Oldies (Hip Hop Instrumental)” // Richard Balzer

This is music for victorious strolls down the street. Maybe you just got a new job. Maybe you just got that cute barista’s phone number. Either way, you’re feeling equal parts swagger and class – a tip of the hat to Michael Marino for bottling all that into one song.

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Inspired & the Sleep – “Getting Through” // Andrea Wan

there’s nothing to be said
by the thoughts that are brewing
in the cauldron of your head

Always great to hear new grooves from TBE faves Inspired & The Sleep. Be sure to catch them on VINYL MOON Volume 008.

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INSPIRED & THE SLEEP cook up jams SWEET enough for mixed COMPANY with mixed drinks

Listening to these guys evolve jam after jam is a total treat! If you haven’t gotten into previous tracks then do it now and make sure to catch them on Vinyl Moon Volume 008.

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GHOST HOURS tick along slowly FOR_ me when i’m caught up in YOU_

If you aren’t asking yourself “Who is this Ghost Hours??” then you already know he is one of the best things to come through my world lately.  Read more

RYAN LEMERSAL prefers to keep things between ME AND all the people YOU blast this jam out the car window to

Sunshine soul from California. Dig it.  Read more

[DEBUT / PREMIERE] Max Green – “Homebody”

with each new body devoured
seems like the hunger just continues to grow
and i’ll be counting down every hour
until the second i can let you go

Put your head in the clouds and your clothes on the floor with Max Green’s twisted tale of lust. The singer of TBE favorites Inspired and The Sleep launches his new solo project today with a slightly more upbeat sound. A shuffling rhythm slips under that killer bass line and Max’s great vocals. No surprise, the subject matter keeps his signature twisted bent. I guess my own relationship woes don’t make me want to dance but I’m sure happy grooving to someone elses!

The Gloomies – “Groves”

In the immortal words of The Gloomies themselves, “I could waste away with” this debut 7″ of theirs. Previous jam “LSD” and new track “Groves” are the perfect 1-2 punch of an opening statement for a band with many future hours of my life waiting to be released. We’ve admitted Summer is over, so time to start immediately wallowing in our sorrow over its loss. Will we ever be happy again? Will we make it through with our fingers and toes intact? Will we ever stop playing this jam on repeat? I’m feeling rather doubtful about a lot of it…  Read more