[PREMIERE] Inspired & The Sleep – EYELID KID EP

San Diego’s wonderfully weird Inspired & The Sleep just released their 6-track Eyelid Kid EP. If you have been following songs like “Sleeps Well On Knives” and “In my Labyrinth Mind” then you know we are stoked to premiere this collection on The Burning Ear. Eyelid Kid weaves some lovely and interesting soundscapes for your escapist pleasure. Flowing somewhere between a  sci-fi movie and a high-school drug trip, you’ll have plenty of mental company as you drift off with them. “Peripherals” may be my favorite of the new jams but its hard to pick when each one has so much going on. Dive in and explore for yourself.

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The Gloomies – “LSD”

The Gloomies and I agree on one thing, life is short. So lets fill our weekends with everything we love. Burgers? Sex? Rock n Roll? Yes please. Oh and don’t forget “driving around” another classic we can all get behind. Especially with “LSD” cranked up loud on the stereo.  Read more

Inspired & the Sleep – “In My Labyrinth Mind”

You are just trying to get out the door and to the office on time when suddenly, as you are rolling down the street, you realize your body is vibrating apart and bits of you are floating off to their own rhythm. Its the elastic grove coming from your speakers! A veritable siren song for weak-willed limbs! You’ll have to fight hard to fend off its powers. Or better yet, just give in and go with it. Much more fun that way.

Off Inspired and The Sleep‘s forthcoming EP ‘Eyelid Kid’ out in Oct.  Read more

Ghost Hours – “Fever”

Oh, Ghost Hours is coming back again and it’s gonna do me in. “Fever” is a haunting tale of man who can see his fate on the road ahead. He knows the fate it will bring but keeps right on wobbling towards it anyway. Its only a matter of time. So its best we sit with him. Together we can contemplate his future. And think about our own. And keep the track on repeat until it all makes some sort of sense.  Read more

Inspired & the Sleep – “Sleeps Well On Knives”

Its hard to tell if Inspired And The Sleep make music from the past or the future. Or if they have lived among us this whole time and are transmitting these sounds from right next door… But its that slightly otherworldly quality that makes songs like “Sleeps Well On Knives” stand out so beautifully. That off kilter beat slipping under vocals that feel like they could collapse on themselves at any moment. It makes me want to listen again to make sure I didn’t miss it fall apart.  Read more

Prayers – “Gothic Summer”

Never let anyone tell you that the streets don’t belong to you and your crew. Set the Summer ablaze with this “cholo goth” jam from Prayers, the San Diego duo with a history of hard time and murder. You will absolutely never be as hard as them, but you can definitely be as weird and unexpected. Thats is your beauty.  Read more

[STREAM] Pinback – “Proceed to Memory”

and when the seasons get you down
 i’ll come running to tuck you in

  • Who: Rob Crow & Zach Smith
  • What: Anthemic midnight rock, like Systems Officer, Years Around The Sun
  • Where: San Diego, CA + Facebook
  • When: Buy new LP Information Retrieved on October 16th
  • Why: Not many bands out there making music like Rob & Zach. Their brand of stuttering beats and intricate guitars is blended so smoothly that their songs are always growers. Even loving “Proceed to Memory” at first listen has only gotten sweeter with each spin.