[PREMIERE] Satchmode – “Undertow”

Every dance party has an eventual comedown. Usually its an current you want to avoid getting caught in as you distract yourself with sunrise breakfasts and misjudged advances. This time try getting washed up in Satchmode’s “Undertow” and find yourself at peace as your body and mind finally relax.  Read more

Satchmode – “Afterglow”

Like any good afterglow, the title track from Satchmode’s new EP is like a slow descent back to reality from a distant and magical dreamscape. A gentle dip into a warm pool of contentment before suddenly discovering the cool drink in your hand and the gorgeous sunset on the horizon. The more your open your eyes the more you like what you see. And hear. And feel.  Read more

Satchmode – “Never Gonna Take You Back”

Satchmode have bee hovering more into 80s synth territory and “Never Gonna Take You Back” keep sliding that way, but not before getting its butt dirty with some low end bass my old cassette walkman could have never done justice. This is a timeless kiss-off love groover wrapped in an 80s throwback jacket but built for modern stereos. Treat it accordingly.

From the forthcoming EP Afterglow.  Read more

[MP3] Satchmode – “Hall & Oates”

Sounds like… Satchmode are finally releasing the hip disco freak we always knew was simmering just below the surface of slow groovers like “Old Fears”. “Hall & Oates” puts a little bounce under those signature sad-sack vocals. Its a juxtaposition to remind us all that sometimes you just gotta dance through the sadness. Its hard to frown when you are doing an epic sock-slide on hardwood floors.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Future: Download free here. From the forthcoming EP Afterglow.

[VIDEO] Music Video Roundup – 3.12.14

I’m here in Austin watching live music all day so I figure you guys want something to watch at home too. Here are the latest amazing videos that my eyeballs recommend. From magic lasers and bicycles to time travel and alternate realities. Things get weird, wonderful, and sometimes sentimental. And there are doughnuts. O’ there are doughnuts…

Oona – “Kaleidoscope”

Rob Cantor – “Old Friend”

George Ezra – “Cassy O'”

Wild Cub – “Thunder Clatter”

Satchmode – “Old Fears”

[MP3] Satchmode – “Old Fears”

“Old Fears” starts soft and tender. Soothing you into a feeling of peace. But just as soon as you are ready to let the song wrap up and move to the next in your playlist a little vocal hook jumps out in the last minute and suddenly you want to move. To get up and bop a little. To reach for the volume knob. To hit repeat. So I’m just saying, don’t get too comfortable. Its coming.