Scavenger Hunt – “Slow Dancing” + L.A. Live Show // Shimada Sanami

Scavenger Hunt returns! “Slow Dancing” is the perfect tender jam to start the year off in the direction of love and grooves. The track is part of the Shapes and Outlines EP wich was also released with a full remix EP. Get into that too!

And as if that all wasn’t enough, Scavenger Hunt returns to the stage tomorrow in Los Angeles!

LA, This Thursday (1/12) is our live return and we’re pulling out the stops with horns and all the lights! Special guests The Midnight and Saro. Be there: – The Resident (DTLA)

Scavenger Hunt Live Jan 2017

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SCAVENGER HUNT get all SCAVENGER in the ol’ MIXTAPE drawer and bust out killer COVERS of jams from ’81- ’97 (DJ MIX BY ONE ODD FELLOW)”

All the leg-warmer and perm-fueled nostalgia in the world can’t live up to singing along to this cover mixtape from TBE faves Scavenger Hunt.

If you need even more sexy Scavenger Hunt then break off a piece of this Satin jackets jam

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Scavenger Hunt – “Kiss Me Clean”

Some of use will never get truly clean. But that doesn’t mean we can’t let someone try and kiss until we get there. Cheers to TBE faves and Vinyl Moon alums Scavenger Hunt for the idea. And cheers for the killer remix below as well. I know what playlist I’ll add it to…

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Bee’s Knees – “Love Will Never Do” (Janet Jackson cover) Feat. Scavenger Hunt

There are a lot of things to love in the world. That boy across the street. That girl at the gym. Fresh popcorn. Artisanal honey from free range (and spirit) bees. So grab onto a thought of whichever strikes your fancy most and space out with these sweet sounds from two of TBE’s favorites in your ear.   Read more

Scavenger Hunt – Wildfire + “Coffee” (Miguel cover)

New Scavenger Hunt jam got me wanting to run through the woods and hug trees and dance with leaves and start a nature-rave. Pop in all right places with that grounding touch that always keeps Scavenger Hunt easy to keep on repeat.

Also, I’ve been digging on this Miguel cover of “Coffee” since they dropped it but yesterday I heard the original for the first time (I don’t encounter many radios…) and it just made me want to listen to Scavenger Hunt’s version instead. Sorry, Miguel, still love ya!  Read more

Lenno – “Chase The Sun” (Cats Hero remix)

Sounds like… a damn winner! Literally. Remember back in 2011 when Cats Hero remixed Everything Everything for a contest and won? Well he did it again! This time for Lenno and Scavenger Hunt’s summer party jam “Chase The Sun”! Best part, he even infused a bit of that syncopated Everything Everything guitar into the mix. Connecting the dots!

Location: Kent, UK

Future: He wins. We win. Everyone wins.

Lenno – “Scavenger Hunt – Lost” (Lenno Remix)

Music for… Finnish fans of hometown hero Lenno to transport themselves to the tropical beaches of Scavenger Hunt’s soundscapes. In other words.

Location: Finland. Los Angeles.

Future:  Get into Lenno’s original track featuring Scavenger Hunt.

Scavenger Hunt – “Bones”

New Scavenger Hunt! As a lucky Los Angeleno I have been rocking to this song live for months. But now you get to live the magic of the sultry slow groover “Bones”. Get into the song here and catch them on tour now!