Joel & Scotts Remix Roundup Vol. 30 – 10.29.2010 [Lady Gaga, Clock Opera, Vampire Weekend, Zowie, La Roux and more]

Look people, its Halloween weekend which means shits going to get a little bit bonkers (at least here in the US).  We, Joel & Scott happen to be rather large fans of the ridiculous.  So, since we are so thrilled about this special weekend we wanted to set you off in epic fashion.

Here’s a massive cup of RR Vol.30 in your eardrums to start your weekend.

Yeah, that’s right…  We have a ridonculous logjam of tunes to throw at you.  Looks like our goal of just 12 songs is out the window, as we will have to bump it up to 20 for a while to get rid of some of this mass.  You’re welcome.

Lastly, don’t forget to break some dance floor hearts this weekend.

And oh yeah,….  Get Nurdy’

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♫ The Dance Party- Sasha Don’t Sleep (Dillon Francis Remix) / Brandon posted another rad mix of this song too, not to mention the original track back in 09.  We’ve really taken a liking to this Sasha girl, and we’re pretty sure  that this Dillon Francis remix will keep her dancing.

♫ Lady Gaga- Monster (Computer Blue Remix) / Ummm yes.  Computer Blue, the duo from OK city have graced all of our eardrums with a BANGER.  This one is special.

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«Flashback« Tripping Daisy – Firecracker


i know and i need and i feel were going higher and higher

Tripping Daisy – I Got A Girl / 1995

Although definitely not accurate for me at the time, “I Got A Girl” was a favorite jam back in ’95. It is the perfect ‘one-hit wonder’ song: simple, dumb, and easy to sing along too. A bit shocking then to learn (as I just did) that lead singer Tim Delaughter (the goofball here) went on to form Polyphonic Spree and other members formed Secret Machines, and School Of Seven Bells. Its like modern indie music was born with Tripping Daisy. Crazy stuff.

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