THE BEGBIES bring a bit of funk and IT’S JUST what i need on THE WAY to a crazy week

Cheers to The Begies over in Scotland for keeping ska alive and making me a very happy guy today. Whether you have ever bene into ska or not, its hard to deny this groover.  Read more

Monogram – “ANNO”

This new jam from Monogram does not waste time letting you know it is here to be played loud. It kicks down the door, pounds on the table, and demands your coldest beer and finest grilled meats. But under all that bluster is a tender side. One that just wants to spend some quality time with it’s mates and have a few laughs. Maybe meet a girl. Maybe settle down someday… But that beautiful duality is what makes “Anno” so great. Its kinda like all of us inside.  Read more

Monogram – “Romance”

Sounds like… just the right anthemic indie jam to push away the impending clouds and keep spirits warm through a wet Scottish winter. Gotta love a sing along on the first listen!

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Future: Their 152nd like on Facebook. Will it be you?

Prides – “The Seeds You Sow”

[soundcloud id=’131167808′]

New song by Chvrches co-horts Prides only makes me want more. Big, catchy, indie rock jams with insane sing along grooves.



who are you to tell me howto keep myself afloat

Damn! I knew there was another Chvrches song I was supposed to post the other day! “Gun” is a damn jam that really shows off these youngsters synth dance chops. Turn it up!

CHVRCHES – “Recover”


here i appear to face a decision i know you fear

Speaking of bands that disappointed at SXSW, this Chvurches jam is damn good and makes me keep my fingers crossed for these Scottish kids.

Prides – “Out Of The Blue”

Prides - Out Of The Blue

you break the surface, take the wheel

Glasgow’s prides share more than just a hometown with Chvrches, both full of big synthy grooves that cut right through the spring fog. Prides only have this jam out so far but fingers crossed that can keep the quality up with their next tracks. That would set them apart from their neighbors… (Burn!)

[STREAM] WayBeyond – “Ello”


and you remember this, you said never let me go

More music from Scotland! Dave Biggin is WayBeyond but the fantastic voice you hear wrapped around epic hillside-battle jam “Ello” is most definitely not his. Some have rumored Ellie Goulding. And others have ignored the rumors all together and set the song to a montage of eagles and antelope and other awesome animals doing their thing… Well they should, anyway…