Back Talk – “NVDES – Do You Think About Me (Back Talk Remix)” // Paolo Pibi

Back Talk is the newest artist on Lights and Music Collective’s Free Pop Record Label. This NVDES Remix is a great segway to Back Talk’s personal music as it takes this low-fi electronic track and gives it more life with the addition of harder beats and harmonious drops. An electro-pop dance beat with suggestive lyrics, “Do You Think About Me” is a sure thing to play if you’re in the mood to dance away that one person that won’t seem to leave your head.

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Soul Catalyst – “Scenic Route” Ft. Felish // Julie Alice Chappell

“lets do it again”

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Iska Dhaaf – “Lost “

Remember when we were kids and we would close our eyes and spin around in circles with our arms out like a helicopter? I was always bummed that I never actually lifted off the ground. Well, I just tried it again with “Lost” on full blast and it totally worked. I really need to clean my roof. And hit repeat.

Catch Iska Dhaaf every Monday night in April at The Bootleg here in Los Angeles, as well as select other west coast dates.

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KAPTAN – “Anywhere We Go”

There is no question that being a professional jungle explorer is hard work. Now imagine doing that work solo! Brutal. I would definitely end up singing reassuring and uplifting songs to myself about future travels and how they were gonna work out ok, etc. Which is what I think Kaptan did to make this debut jam. I think… maybe…  Read more

Motopony – “Daylights Gone””

Listen to enough Motopony (like I do) and its easy to forget that they are an actual band of flesh and blood.Daniel Blue’s heartbreak rarely feels like his alone, instead striking that chord of universal understanding. I imagine them more as mystical guides in an alternate musical universe. Ones whose mission are to lead the meek and mild through the world, whispering rock motivation in their ears, and lashing them forward with big bass licks. We all need a little guidance, we all need a little Motopony. And tonight in LA you can get both at the Troubadour with other TBE faves Bootstraps. Motopony’s new album Welcome You is out next week.  Read more

Beat Connection – “Illusion”

No better way to celebrate The Burning Ear’s return to Austin for SXSW then with a new jam from the fantastic Beat Connection, who played our 2012 showcase. These guys continue to put out fantastic and sultry indie pop that fantastically dabble in both electronic and rock. I mean, just get into that awesome guitar work in “Illusion” at 1:56. Read more

Vallis Alps – “Young” + Spencer Ludwig Trumpet Edit

Music for… reaching for those damn headphones and giving your full attention to the beautiful interplay of bass, percussion, guitar and drop dead gorgeous vocals that is happening here. Vallis Alps are working with some truly majestic talent here.

Location: Canberra, Australia + Seattle, WA

Future: Get into the whole EP here. Plus this Spencer Ludwig (Capital Cities, History) trumpet edit below.

[MP3] The Soundmen Ft. Avan Lava – “Bermuda”

Music for… relaxing Summertime Saturdays with your watch and phone deep in a backpack, the sand in your toes, and not a care in the world

Location: Seattle/NYC.

Future: Its The Soundmen, so more magic on the regular.