Beat Connection – “Hesitation”

Sounds Like… handclaps versus flutes in the hungover capoeira national championships. Laid back sexy.

Location: Seattle, WA.

Future: Some great summer tour dates and hopefully a new album!

Sango – “Baile Somebody”

[soundcloud id=’131153299′]

Mashups get a bad rap these days but then someone like Sango comes along and breathes new life into the art of chopping up other people’s sounds. I could never get down with the ADD edits of Girl Talk so Sango’s ability to let a thread linger through a song is refreshing. Listening to so much new music, sometimes its nice to have a familiar face deep in a brand new song. Grab a whole album of Sango jams for just 1$ right now at his Bandcamp. I just did.

[MP3] ODESZA – “My Friends Never Die”


There are too many people dying of Cancer and there are not not enough people listening to Odesza. I’m not saying that one has the cure for the other but just look a this song title…. Just saying. All I know is the party never dies when these guys are ripping up beats in their live show. Still one of my favorites of 2013. Download “My Friends Never Die” and start your own dance party right now.

[MP3] Gatsby’s American Dream – “Modern Man”

think a little, do a lot, take whatever hits the spot

♫ Gatsby’s American Dream – Modern Man

  • Who: Nic, Bobby, Kirk, Rudy, Kyle, Ryan
  • What: Jumpy guitar indie, like J. Roddy Walston, My Chemical Romance,
  • Where: Seattle, WA + Facebook
  • When: We are patiently waiting for a new album.
  • Why: 2005’s Volcano is one of the seminal albums of the mid 00’s and got heavy rotation in my world. Catching a few of their raging live shows in small NYC venues were highlights of my time in that city. Then they went on hiatus. We were all sad. Apparently they came back with this jam LAST YEAR but nobody told me so I’m late to the party. “Modern Man” is rippling with Volcano-era GAD sounds, from the off beat guitar crunching to ripping rhythm section to subdued and creeping vocal moments. They are a singular band making unique sounds and its great to think there might be new album that is more up my alley than 2006’s self titled disappointment. If this is your first tast of Gatsbys American Dream then dip your toes in the magic of album opener “Theatre” from Volcano.

♫ Gatsbys American Dream – Theatre [Volcano, 2005]

[STREAM] Beat Connection – “Palace Garden, 4AM”

you glimmer in the light, moving to the rhythm of  a summer night

  • Who: Jordan, Reed, Jarred, & Tom.
  • What: Indie dance pop, like Midi Matilda, Baby Monster, Black Light Dinner Party
  • Where: Seattle, WA + Facebook
  • When: The Palace Garden LP is out now.
  • Why: We’ve heard Beat Connection remixed, heard them doing the remixing, even heard their original jams killing it live. But somehow, among all that loving Beat Connection we forgot to post on them. Consider that shit fixed right damn now. These guys have evolved a ton since their early days of lower-fi Surf Noir EP. The beat Connection of 2012 is all hooks and grooves. Hips don’t stay still and clocks are stuck on summertime. It’s a pretty good place to be.

[MP3] MOTOPONY may be the KING OF all those songs with DIAMONDS in the title

spades and clubs they just ain’t shining, and my heart knows nothing’s free

♫ Motopony – King of Diamonds

So how many awesome things are going on here? The name says rock n roll tempered with tenderness. The logo is t-shirt ready. The album art is prime for it’s own adventure comic. And the music, oh, the music, is just perfect. Shuffling percussion, sparse piano, delicately churning guitar, and just a splash of xylophone roll through my speakers as I sink into my chair and soak in frontman Daniel Blue’s uniquely gripping vocals. Seattle’s Motopony have only just broke on the scene with this one track but have already been given love from KCRW and were named “Tacoma’s Best New Band by KEXP. I look forward to more jams. And that comic spin-off.

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Say Hi to new Say Hi!


it’s the way that she curses

Say Hi – Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh

Say Hi is Eric Ellbogen whose lo-fi indie act was based in Brooklyn when I discovered him a few years back. He relocated to Seattle for his last 2 albums and oddly enough the change has amped up his sound. Just compare the propulsive head-bobber of “Oh Oh….” (above) to his sophomore album’s “I think I’ll Be a Good Ghost” which is much more mellow, contemplative and dare I say “haunting?” No, no, I’ll spare you. Anyway, this dude has put out 6 albums in 6 and a half years and while the early ones aren’t fully formed I really think he hit his stride with last year’s The Wishes And The Glitch. “Northwestern Girls” (below) is the album’s fantastic opener and is followed by a stable of very solid tracks. Maybe more of those unlistenable art-rock hipster collectives from Brooklyn should head out to Seattle?

Say Hi – Northwestern Girls

Say Hi (To Your Mom) – I Think I’ll Be A Good Ghost

Yeah, Say Hi To Your Mom was the full band name for the first 4 albums. I guess we all grow up someday…

Say Hi on eMusic (check out the album art) / MySpace