VINYL MOON Volume 029: Marrow Siren

We’re happy to unveil the latest release from VINYL MOON, a unique record club that takes exciting new musical artists and visual artists each month to create a one-of-a-kind record with original, deluxe art and your new favorite songs, all in one package.

Volume 029: Marrow Siren will lure you in with psychedelic coral and skeletal figures in the light. But its real surprise is in the crushing dark, where the three specters on the front, back, and gatefold from the jacket glow with eerie light. Paired with a custom tarot card and deep-sea translucent blue vinyl with kelp marbling, the whole thing is a testament to the skills of visual artist Marcos Navarro.

If you’re feeling lost in the depths, TBE favorites including Rattlerette, Loyal Lobos, and Psymon Spine will help pull you out. Then we guarantee you’ll want to take a deep breath

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[VIDEO] Sego – “Wicket Youth”

Music for… those of you who felt a tingle of excitement when you heard “20 Years Tall” but couldn’t quite figure out why because you were too trying to sing along. Days later when you got the chorus stuck in your head AGAIN you calmed your nerves with some Silent Alarm and DFA, before breaking out moves you haven’t seen on your body in years. And you felt happy. Its OK, so did I. And now Sego has delivered another jam to help with soothing our pleasantly frayed nerves. “Wicket Youth” is another side of the band and for my money, perfectly rounds out their sound. Sego is here and the future is bright.

Location: Los Angeles. The video below. Dive in.

Future: Wicket Youth EP , which includes “20 Years Tall”, out October 28th on Kitsune. Pre-order here.

[PARTY] Blind Date w/ Midnight Faces, Melpo Mene, Sego // 5.21.2014

The very special 20th edition of BLIND DATE is tomorrow at The Bootleg! We always curate the finest upcoming bands from all genres and this month is no exception. Come get moody, sexy, and sweaty all at once.


9pm  – Sego
9:45  – Melpo Mene
10:30  - Midnight Faces
DJ Sets by Grant Owens from We Found New Music


Sego – “20 Years Tall” + LIVE on Wednesday

For those of you who are need of more than coffee on this Monday then I’m pleased to give you a bit of a slap in the face courtesy of brand new band Sego’s whiplash spazz rock jammer “20 Years Tall”. All kinds of great guitar fuzz, reckless synth noodling, and hectic drum beats. Sounds like Tokyo Police Club headlining a spoken word poetry slam. Beautiful.

Catch Sego’s LIVE DEBUT this Wednesday at Blind Date with Midnight Faces and Melpo Mene. Have your face melted FIRST! Plus, I’ll be there because I co-organize Blind Date with some other magical creatures and they are always a blast and a half.