[QUICKIE] Serenades – SERENADES EP & “Earthquakes”

Not drooling for it like I was but Serenades are delivering solid sweeping & dramatic indie pop jams with big appeal.”Miracles” is new best.

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[STREAM] Serenades – “Birds” & “Oceans”

gentle whisper in my ear, oh sadness disappear

Yup. Sweden again. But this time it’s courtesy of some Swedes we already know. Adam Ohlenius from Shout Out Louds and Markus KrunegÃ¥rd make-up their poppier side project Serenades and damn if it isn’t some smooth stuff. “Birds” is all kinds of blossoms and happiness on a sunny Sunday while “Oceans” gets a bit more sunset melancholy. However, both are gems and serve as a reminder that talented people make great music, no matter what genre they are dabbling in.

SERENADES – Birds by serenadesofficial

SERENADES – Oceans by serenadesofficial

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