Shallou. – “Surface”

You ever have that dream where you are laying in your bed and look up and your ceiling has been replaced with a gaping hole to the cosmos and all you can see are blazing stars and hulking planets bustling about the night sky like morning commuters? Then you reach towards the blackness and it lifts your body up, up, up, until you can practically touch the flickering lights! And then your fingers brush something in the blackness. You look at your hands and they are covered in grains and powders. An investigative flick of the tongue reveals sugar, cinnamon, and a bit of salt. Hmmm…. space is weird….


Shallou. – “Doubt”

Music for… putting the drink down and wading in slowly. “Doubt” drifts in slowly enough but there is a current under the surface that can pull you in over your head, swirling your rag doll body upside down. Big drums and bigger synths dominate this groover as it oscillates between tender and a bit terrifying in the vein of Crooked Colours.

Location: New Orleans, LA

Future: A handful more songs to get into at Shallou.’s Soundcloud.