Shawn William Clarke – “Hitchhiker (For Ida)”

Shawn William Clarke – “Young In Love (At The End Of The World)” // Antony Gormley

You ever get so lost in a moment with a song that you realize you’re staring at nothing and idly fidgeting with a pencil like a caricature of a person lost in a moment? You feel like an archetype in a sitcom and start to wonder if those characters ever meditated on their universality made them more meaningful or cheapened their existence?

Er, I mean, me neither.

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Shawn William Clarke – “Autumn In New Brunswick” // Julian Callos

A soft ode to life on the road, Shawn William Clarke paints a lovely picture of things constantly moving around you even though you feel motionless. Close your eyes and let the music do the moving for once.

“Autumn in New Brunswick” is from Shawn’s upcoming second LP Topaz.

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