[PREMIERE] Shoffy – “Motions”

Do you ever feel like you are “drowning in the ocean”? TBE Favorite, Shoffy does and we do too. With his Premiere Music Video for “Motions”, Shoffy brings us into the life of a lonely guy just trying to make it through the day. This track is one of many heartfelt tunes off his self-titled EP ‘Shoffy’ out now. Set in suburbia, Shoffy shines light on the monotony of the every day. Scenes revolving around clumsiness, frustration, and being overwhelmed by your day job can sum up this anti- fairytale of a music video. Keeping it real and keeping it relevant are two things that Shoffy does in his sleep. Before you hit the pillow, take a few minutes to watch this more than relatable premiere video of “Motions”.

If you want to hear more of “Motions”, you can also find Shoffy on VINYL MOON Volume 026: Nightshining.

VINYL MOON Volume 026: Nightshining

We’re excited to unveil the latest release from VINYL MOON, the one-of-a-kind record club that presses a collection of songs from new breakout artists, along with exciting artwork and design from the hottest visual artists around.

Volume 026: Nightshining embraces the duality of light and dark. A hyperglossy 3-panel gatefold jacket showcases the surreal photography of Marilyn Mugot, whose shots seem to take place in a weird in-between of dusk, dawn, night, and day. The record itself is housed in a middle pocket, which slides out to unveil its midnight-violet translucent vinyl.

TBE readers will recognize artists such as Mt. Joy, Leo Law, Shoffy, and more. It all comes together with

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PREMIERE – Shoffy – “Fake Friends (feat. Sidizen King)”

We’re launched right into “Fake Friends” with an opening salvo from Sidizen King, whose blistering verse keeps up with the breakneck drum fill that accents the rest of the track. But when Shoffy grabs the mic, he’s no slouch – spitting lines like “I’ve got no more friends from L.A. / They just hang around to get paid”. What really works with “Fake Friends” is we can hear the hurt that these toxic relations have caused. There’s a tenderness, found in both the childlike chimes of the beat and also lyrics like “Rollin’ with my old crew, leave if I don’t know you”. Unfortunately for Shoffy, if he keeps releasing great songs like this, it might only encourage the fakes to keep coming out of the woodwork. But at least he’ll have a go-to anthem to shut them down.

TÂCHES – “Eat Your Friends” (Ft. Shoffy)

Now here is a jam that will make even the brokest among us feel like that public buss is the most swagged out whip this side of the express line that used to get us home a lot faster. Hell, listen to “Eat Your Friends” too many times on repeat and you may find yourself sitting in the disabled reserved seats which you never do (because its wrong). TACHES and Shoffy are like two little devils breakdancing on my shoulder as I contemplate a list of irrational decisions going into this Friday evening…  Read more

[PREMIERE] LANY – “4EVER!” (Shoffy Remix)

If the original “4EVER!” was a memory of a young love fading into memories, then Shoffy’s throbbing sunset rework is waking up from a late afternoon nap and trying to cling to a dream of that love. As you prepare for a night out, you can’t shake the feeling from the dream. You know the images are fading fast so you try and savor every flash that echoes in your mind.

Download the remix for free.

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Shoffy – “Fast Life”

Whether you see “Fast Life” as a cautionary tale or as an activity checklist for this weekend, you can’t deny it drips of sex and body parts. It is definitely meant to get you moving. So crank it up and do just that.

Fast Life