Remix Roundup Vol. 13 /// 11-20-09

Photo by Daniel GreeneIn my never ending quest to make these roundups leaner and meaner this post was supposed to be onl 8 songs deep. Then I started putting everything together and it was one “Oh, shit! What about….” after another. Anyway, here is another remix beast for your weekend pleasure. Some real jamaroonies in this batch so get pumped!

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SILVER COLUMNS may have raised my BROW, but they haven’t yet BEATEN the hype.

silver columnsyou could be singing, singing, singing

♫ Silver Columns – Brow Beaten

Look, nobody knows who Silver Columns are but that’s completely irrelevant when we know what their music sounds like! And even less relevant when their music sounds like this. I don’t care if my asshole I makes noises this awesome, I will still dance to them. So let’s move beyond, people, and focus on what we do know. “Brow Beaten” is propulsive, beautiful, and epic. (Easily the best song by a band with “silver” in their name since yesterday.) Silver Columns haven’t released any other jams to the world (or their 34 day old MySpace) yet, but I have a feeling that excellence is the name of their game and we are about to get played. Hard. And rhythmically.

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