Oya Paya – “Just A Little Man” // Doug Miller

With origins in Singapore, France, Iran, and England, Oya Paya are a living, breathing (& rocking) example of the importance of a global community. I’d be honored to get beer spilled on me by any of these dudes at their next live show. Especially if they play “Just A Little Man” twice…

p.s. they have a song called “Anthony Kiedis” which if that excites you then its even better than it sounds!

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Linying – “Sticky Leaves” // Mateo Pizarro

Lately i’ve been feeling something peaceful and powerful in the smaller things. This is perfect right now.

i made a sound, did i make it right
enough, go along, i know i was wrong about my might

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[PREMIERE/DEBUT] Crooked Cobbles – “Tried”

It’s not until the milk soaks through your pants that it’s chill on your thigh makes you realize you are somewhere very far away. The silence of the morning has kidnapped your mind and there is nothing your cereal can do but wait patiently, soaking in liquid the way your thoughts are soaking in the deep expanses of the star-scapes above. Both of them expanding beyond their recommended capacity, only one to return safely to a recognizable form.  Read more