Sir Sly – “You Haunt Me” (Salda Remix)

I love me some Sir Sly but they can lean a bit dark and gloomy so cheers to Salda for kicking yup the grooves and adding a touch of sunshine. Even if it is just a fading ray of sunshine drifting over the mountains as daytime slowly slips away.

[MP3] Kiely Rich Remixes Sir Sly, Jaymes Young, RDGLDGRN

Sometimes you just need to let your inner Ibiza out and get all spazz-dancy to some euro style beats! Thank goodness for Kiely Rich who specializes in taking non-mainstream jams and giving them a big-room club edge.

Sir Sly – GHOST EP (w/ “Ghost”)

Sir Sly

get up, save face, find you’re way back to the grave

If you get down with The Neighbourhood then Sir Sly are the next LA band to whet your appetite for hip-hop influenced ambient indie jams. Things get dark yet danceable on the brief Ghost EP. Moonlit swagger music. My only beef with them is the name because it’s Sisquo’s “Thong Song” that follows these gems in my iTunes. Its always a bit jarring.

I missed these guys at their Echo residency in LA so will definitely be catching them here in Austin for SXSW.